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    KHInsider Official BBS Trailer discussion

    Re: BBS Trailer OMG...that's the real deal! and the best part is the person is gonna put a better version of it soon!! yay
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    In another thread it was announced that it was a big fake.
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    Fanfiction ► Made-Up FFVII Story

    ...okay?...Have you even played FF VII?
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    The "tell me what you think of my idea" thread

    Don't double post, okay? And your idea is a little radical
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    The peices on VAT are armor!

    I think he meant that when you win aghainst a boss or something like in KH 2 instead of bonus lvl. thing you couls get a piece of armor that you can wear not necesarilly grow from their body. That will be bloody.
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    BBS Growth System (armor) + Diffrent uses of keybalde...

    yEah I also thought of the lvl. up system to be based around their armor and the pasrt of the keyblade attacks, it sound logical too.
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    i have a thought about nomuras statement on"growing"

    it's possible. I guess they can aquire new armor when they defeat bosses or soemthing and the bonus lvl thingy from KH 2 comes ina nd they have the new arnor plates....
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    What ending should BBS have?

    *blinks* Okay I think this thread became Hades vs. V.A.T. 13 battle....
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    What ending should BBS have?

    I think the end will be slightly darker compared to the other KH endings but have the same feeling, like bittersweet, well for the first game. Maybe terra, vena nd aqua fight MX, and win but with a price like someone dying or something. They defeated the MX but he could still be alive...
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    Fanfiction ► Light Darkness and Twilight

    Don't worry, I'm not giving up! I know my firts chappie is really big, I usually don't write that much so I'm suprised at howl ong it was too.
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    Fanfiction ► Light Darkness and Twilight

    Of course I remeber you! your in my buddy list. and yeah this is pretty long compared to what i used to write...
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    Fanfiction ► Light Darkness and Twilight

    So, this was a project I was rewriting since I was in sixth grade and now I'm in eight grade....You people don't care about that don't you? Anyway just so you know it's pronounced like Alex without the 'x' ------------------ Chapter 1: Another clichéd beginning Three teens were walking on...
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    what do u think?

    it's in the past, way before Heartless and Nobodies were created so it's a new enemy thatI don't know what will it be
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    Birth by Sleep Opening?

    I agree compltely on his statement
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    New info bout DS version

    It's very pathetic for IGN thinking Roxas is Sora...even though that's partially true...
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    How can it be Namine?

    Touché...Um..sorry I was in a bad mood....You're right I have no proof, but neither do you....
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    How can it be Namine?

    the Org's 14 member isn't namine it's a new character. You're manipulating the story to suit yur guesses, sometimes...
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    I wonder why DS's face hasn't been reveiled yet unlike the others...

    very good theory Thraxe. Makes a lot of sense...well to me....
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    Ven wearing Roxas clothes?What's this all about???

    maybe when they were making the picure, they were sleepy and drew Ven with Roxas's attire. Other than that...no idea from my empty brain
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    Why Sleeping Beauty world is important to BBS, and theory on which worlds to excpect!

    Re: Why Sleeping Beauty world is important to BBS, and theory on which worlds to excp I agree on the King Triton part because he thought the keybearer must not meddle in other world's affair and stuff... Oh and the sleeping beauty world...I like it! It could explain Malificent's story...