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    Axel or Ansem?

    Axel will kick ***!
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    sora vs riku who will win?

    What are you talking about?... Anyway, Sora would win. Wait are we talking about Riku or Dark Riku? Either way Sora would win but Dark Aura would get in his way. If Dark Riku didn't have Dark Aura he would be cake.
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    Who was the coolest character of KH u think

    Are you challenging me?... Sora... There!
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    Leaving the forums.

    Im sorry to say to you guys but I'm leaving the forums. Im gonna miss all of you guys. I'm not leaving because I dont like the forums because I love it! But it's ecause I'm starting to get into Maple Story. Goodbye everyone! I'll miss you all. If you wanna keep in contact with me and stuff, my...
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    Interesting Arguement... The Door to Light

    *sigh*, there is 3 doors to light. There is the door to darkness which Ansem opened trying to get Sora to surrendor his heart to darkness. there is the door to light, and of course the door to the core meaning the heart.
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    Who saw this site?

    um... yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that was very special...
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    Fanfiction ► KH Laughs

    Make more please make more!!!!!!!
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    What's your favorite KH song?

    my favorite is Simple and Clean.
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    Do you think it'll be better?

    I definetly think it will be better than Kingdom Hearts 1 and Chain of Memories.
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    KH2 Poster!

    Woa! Thats awesome! Good job!
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    Who are you most like?

    Im thinking I'm like Sora because I never give up in stuff and I like going on adventures, and some of my friends say I act like him and kinda look like him.
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    Light for me.
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    Is it just me, or did COM suck?

    I admit I hate the card system but I wouldnt say Chain of Memories sucked. It was ok.
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    Fanfiction ► KH Laughs

    Haha, those were awesome. Keep making them man.
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    Soras new voice

    yea he does sound really mature, its because of his voice person.
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    2 discs???

    I've also heard rumors that you can play BHK as a playable character, so it probably is a 2 disc set.
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    Ur Gurl

    Kairi is my favorite girl.
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    whos ur fav

    My favorite person in the Organization is Axel.
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    The Offical Riku IV Help Thread Returned

    Ok, you need at least like 3 0 valued cards. You also need alot of high attack cards. Make sure you keep all of your 0 valued cards in front of your deck and when the battle starts set them aside so when ever he uses dark aura you can easily card break it. Having Vexen in your deck would also...
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    Axel or Ansem?

    definetly axel. FIRE XD