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    who thinks that kh2+fm is going to get to the u.s. and when??
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    kh comics

    i need to know where to get the kh comics. thanks!!.
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    sephiroth strategy

    okay if you're having trouble beating sephiroth here's the deal but it might take awhile so be paitent, first you need to wait until the end of the game then you need to upgrade all of your forms if you haven't already, then you'll need to put on elixirs in all your slots and put them on...
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    kings note

    if you've beaten the game then after the credits there's a movie showing kairi finding a letter from the king. good luck.
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    does anybody think the real ansem is going to come back in kh3?
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    i need to know how many times you have to post to up your rank from heartless.
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    how many kh's do you think the're going to make after this one? because it looks like there going to make them like final fantasy.
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    new CoM

    need to know if anybody has played it,and if you had any hints, tips, and cheats.
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    kairi's key

    i need info on kairi's keyblade, any info at all.
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    anything new about kh2 fm yet? like is it gonna reach the u.s. soon?!
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    how do you think ven is related to roxas? i mean they look so much alike!