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    Good point. I would prefer to fight an equal amount of heartless and nobodies. Hell maybe even a new enemy would be cool.
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    Who Might Be That Armored Knight?

    And dont forget the field of keyblades.
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    Who Beat Sephiroth

    65 and I used limits and forms
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    best keyblades

    I do too....Sephiroth was a pushover when I got to him.....
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    What are you most excited about in KH2*possible Spoilers*

    Seeing the new worlds and defeating new baddies............And using two keyblades at once :)
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    What Have You Done To Quench Your Need For KH2?

    I've been beating up noobs in my town that dont know a thing about anything....other than that I just search and search for pics from KH2......I also managed to go out a few times with my girlfriend but that was more of a distraction to not think about KH2............I one sad Mexican........
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    kh2 world score?

    Im sure the kids will have there moments as well. My 9 year old brother has been playin KH as much as I have and he's getting pretty good at it......Not better than me.
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    strange idea

    They should just hire cosplayers from different parts of the world...Who better than us fans right?
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    kh2 world score?

    It is rather genius....there's even somthing like it going on with the new gummi ship system.....
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    strange idea

    Sounds kinda like a way Disney could make money off of this so I wouldnt doubt it if they did it....
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    Riku... Finally. Confirming pictures

    I came back from Mexico about three weeks ago and I brought back a gaming mag with KH2 on the cover. It had really good pics from the different worlds and there was a pic in there from a cg that showed Riku, Sora, and Kairi together. I wish I had a scanner so I can put them up. There was a...
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    kh2 world score?

    With or without the score the game is still going to be amazing
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    Reno In Kingdom Hearts 2

    Thats what Im saying. There is no way Reno would be in it.
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    Reno In Kingdom Hearts 2

    That would be a cool thing noob. I hope your dream comes true one day. NOT.
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    If any of you have been keeping up with the TGS 2005 it was revealed that MGS4 will be one of the best games for PS3. The video shows an aged Snake through a post apocalyptic city. It looks amazing and Im saving every dollar I have to buy my PS3 and this amazing game. For more info go to...
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    The Year Between

    But what about Twilight Town in CoM? Vexen said it was a memory of the other side of Sora's heart. That would mean BHK was already involved before Sora went to sleep.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Realese confirmed ( For Japan )

    First of all kid, your posting on the wrong thread. Second, KH2 should be released by the end of the year. End of discusion!!
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    Coolest Weopon in Kingdom Hearts or KH2

    I like Oathkeeper and Oblivion. I also love Squall's gunblade and Cloud's Buster sword.
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    favorite heartless kh2

    Soldier Heartless
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    Sort of stupid theory

    Since they are shells, then wouldn't they be weaker than the originals? So if an original fought a shell then he would be stronger, right?