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    This Is Unfair

    because hes better^^
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    riku VS sora 4

    I think that Riku is #13 in the Order Maybe since he is in the Order he has to eliminate Sora for the keyblade He might not want to but he might have to
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    Known Worlds, Characters, Drives, and Order members

    You forgot Auron in Olympus
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    The World Inbetween

    The way to travel between worlds is the same as it was. You still fly gummi ships.
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    the other side

    There could be two mickeys Only time will tell. They did say that timeless river would have significant meaning to the game. Maybe thats it.
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    That would suck if there was a KH3...

    I don't think they're will be a KH3 Nomura said all the questions will be anwered so that doesnt leave room for a lot of new questions I think it ends at 2
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    Somethings in the Steamboat Willie world that bother me

    First off, this world is based off the cartoon steamboat willie so if you've seen the cartoon pete is the captain of the ship. Sora is probably in his old outfit because it makes him look a little more catoony and outdated. If you could drive in halloweentown then chances are you can drive here.
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    Final Fantasy characters simply make cameos in kingdom hearts and dont really act as a large role I think he will fight in "the struggle" and then itll be kinda it
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    LV up over a 100

    actually yes a gameshark code puts at lvl 255 i know cuz i used it
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    Ur fav. Ability

    sonic blade
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    what new summons would you like to see in kh2

    I'd like to see cloud as a summon. he was 1 in COM
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    Official favorite summon thread

    Dumbo. Elephants rock
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    any more worlds confirmed?

    Lilo and stich? wtf..... P.O.T.C will be awesome
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    what would you do if they suddenly cancelled KH2

    I'd be pissed>.< And then i would play ff12 which will probably suck so then i'd be even more pissed
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    why do u think that pete is in kh2?

    I think because he's just a funny character to add to the story
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    Anyone have KHFM between Sora and the unknown?

    Go to Kh ultramaina they have the 2 cutscenes and the battle itself
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    Sora and BHK destined to become one

    that also explains y EM called him imcomplete
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    most used keyblade in kh

    I used Kingdom Key the most i even used on ansem in the final fight:D
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    who got kh1 when it first came out

    I got it the day it came out. I was super obsessed with everything final fantasy so i couldnt wait to hear cloud and squalls voice
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    Larxene is back?

    I don't link it's Larxene and I don't think it's a pole I think it's ya know..the weather...