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    Pop-up Hell

    I was downloading something and I accidently clicked an on an ad. The new window opens up, then I suddenly get a virus alert and my whole comp starts lagging. I hold down the power button to turn my laptop off, and turn it back on. When I went onto my Internet browser, I had this weird toolbar...
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    PSP Internet Trouble

    When I try to make a new connection, it comes up with 'A connection error has occurred. The WLAN switch is not turned on' I am not tech-savi, what does this mean?
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    Haruhi > You/Me > Anyone who goes against this

    Just to get the point across. Also, we must praise Haruhi for obvious reasons...
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    AVG help

    I downloaded the AVG antivirus installer, but when I run it I need a sales code. I kept hearing everywhere it was free. Any help out there?
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    Kingdom Hearts II -- Rated T for Teen?!

    Hm. I just saw like 10 posts after this, you just tottaly ignored this. READ THE POSTS, so you know what's going on. This is why I barely post in this section. This can and should die.
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    iPod Shuffle

    I have a problem with my iPod Shuffle. When I press the battery button, there is no light and when I try to turn it on it doesn't turn on. I tried charging but that didn't work... any help out there?
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    Oh snap, need Orichalcum+ locations

    Wow. I saw this in my time with KHU. For a while it went like, 'QUESTION STICKY!!!' then we got a synthisis list. Yet people still posted these topics. Now I'm looking at a certain sticky.... called the 'Creating The Ultima Weapon' sticky.
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    Orson Scott Card

    Anyone know him/like his books? He wrote the Ender series, some of my favourite books of all time.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: A quick thought about the secret ending First up lets get something down. Nomura said in his interview these are ALL NEW CHARACTERS. No one we have seen before. I like how you are very open to other thoughts. I personally think its just an effect to emphisize the knight is important.