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    When Can you Start Getting FINAL FORM?

    You get it after the movie at memorys skyscraper...then all you have to do is drive until you randomly get it....like anti form only once you get final you can use it any time.
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    When did you first get...

    Mivkey: Shan-yu... and thats it Anti Form: timeless river and....hmm The world that never was.
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    How much farther now...?

    its just some more boss fights.....
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    Sanctuary ~After the Battle~ FULL VERSION!!!!

    i cant download it/ hear it on my computer :(
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    Final Form Question

    yep it is after youve seen the movie where roxas and sora fight you just have to use any drive and it will randomly happen like anti form....
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    Missing a character

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    which drive form do you like the best?

    after watching the event at memorys skyscraper you just have to use drive forms and it just happens randomly like anti form.
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    Xemnas boss fight...

    that boss battle rocked except the part where xemnas took hold of sora cuz i didnt know i was riku and died XD :(
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    which drive form do you like the best?

    hmmm i like two. 1: master cuz i like that spinning move it makes me feel like im a belerina.......... 2: final cuz its well its just cool like that.......
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    hardest boss

    xigbar and xemnas (final battle) Demyx wasnt that hard i just used fantasia on him.....
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    final form question

    yes its random but it seems most people (like me) get it in a boss battle oh and you can get it in any world but i think if you battle a boss it helps....oh and when leveling up final you can only level up by killing nobodies.....i hope that answered your question.... :)
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    twilight town and the world that never was but the world that never was has the most... even if they are tougher...
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    hey i'm new i just have 1 question about da game

    final form can only be leveled up by killing nobodies.........
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    Some stuff left out?

    i noticed that too....hmmm maybe if someone has the japanese version they could tell us if those parts were in there........well i dont know...why would they leave those parts out....? :confused: *thinks hard
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    about final form

    i was fighting saix when i got it....i used master and poof final popped up instead...
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    Hi im new here but you probably figured that out by the THread being in the new members section...any way well i dont know anyone here so yeah i need some freinds. Well thats all hope i didnt waste your time... :)