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    Question about the "station of awakening"

    Hi, this may have already been asked before, but I dug through a few pages of old threads and I didn’t see anything like this. (If there was something and I missed it, please let me know. I’m also sorry for posting something like this then if that is the case.) The “station of awakening” is...
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    Kingdom Hearts is a...place?

    Maybe these are stupid questions, but I'm a little confused. Is Kingdom Hearts an "actual" place in the game's universe? I wasn't sure if it was the moon that was the actual Kingdom Hearts (the one from the secret ending of the second game) or if it was the place behind the giant white door...
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    Where are Pete and Maleficent?!

    Thanks :) You're all really nice! How do you guys feel about any possible returns of Pete and Maleficent anyways you know, just out of curiosity?
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    Where are Pete and Maleficent?!

    I was curious about the exact same thing after I finished the game. I mean I remember Maleficent saying that she wanted the castle in the World That Never Was, but that was destroyed at the end so she couldn't have gone back for it. The new castle theory by Oblivionite is pretty good too though...
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    Is Riku a keyblade dealer or something?

    Hi, I'm not quite sure if this is where I should post this, but I wanted to know if someone could explain this to me: How come Riku is always the one that's handing out keyblades? Where does he get them from? For example, in KHI he gave Sora the keyblade at Destiny Islands at first and then...