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    Sleeping Lion

    thanks SS well I just need a simple pic of it and possibly a really good view of it its for history i have to chose 1 weapon from anything and I chose the Keyblade yea i know its weird but my teach for history is cool like that.
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    Sleeping Lion

    ok well thanks
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    Sleeping Lion

    can someone help me i need a pic of it for a school project and how do i get it
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    Official Come wish everyone a happy KH2 day thread

    zOMFG its Kingdom Hearts II day Im so fricken happy whats on my agenda 2day 1) Buy KH2 2)Play KH2 3)dinner...while playing KH2 4)Beat KH2 5)sleep
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    Keybladers of Light and Dark

    The line between Light and Dark have been crossed the Keybladers of Light versus the keyblaers from Darknessl.The story is The people who have lost their hearts or sold their hearts to Darkness will be with the Dark ruler: Ansem and The Keybladers of Light will be with the Light Keeper: Sora but...
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    Punks,Emos,and Goth's hangout

    if you are punk or emo this is the perfect hangout post some pictures of cool stuff I am Punk so this is my fist pic of the thread:
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    Hi Im THE Shinobi

    Im THE shinobi and I cant stand jerks and jocks I am a punk and I just want to say"Hello Sunshines"