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    Final Fantasy X:Inside Sin

    I need help defeating Jecht when he turns into that beast. He always kills me in the second form...any help?
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    Favorite genre of book?

    what's you're favorite genre of book? heck, who's you're favorite author? My genre would be fantasy...and right now my favorite author is R.A. Salvatore for his books about Drizzt Do'Urden...anyone hear of him?
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    The 'V' Game

    So this is how it worksss: you use the 3 keys that look like a V ^ this <This V and this you use ^ to say something about the person above you < to say something about yourself V to guess something about the next poster It can be something logical or not I'll start...obviously ^Is dead...
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    Pokémon Hurt/Heal---Round 1!

    Allright...all Hurt/Heal rules apply. As in, you may hurt and heal once a day. the 12 below are the ones we go with. When they get down to 8, we move to the next round. When they are lowered to 4, we go to finals. Contestants: Pikachu- 30 Charmander- 30 Mewtwo- 30 Mew- 30 Eevee- 30 Vaporeon-...
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    Is this supposed to happen?

    ummmmm...-checks-.....nope...i think your game is defective
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    Fanfiction ► Story Idea....Need Help

    that sounds really interesting actually
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    Guess who's BACK!!

    I'm back...I took a little 'vacation' and now I'm back...so...eh, do whatever, and be glad I'm back foo's!! xD
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    Who is Axel, exactly?

    I don't care if this thread has been posted before, but I know who Axel is the nobody of...He is the nobody of Reno...at the moment, I'm watching Final Fantasy Advent Children, and Reno sounds just like Axel. Although I'm wondering why It's Axel and not Rexno or Xenor or even Nexor...
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    Magus Sisters

    Ok, I've got the Flower Septer(if it has anything to do with the Sisters) and I'm trying to get all the fiends on Mt. Gagazet...I'm not sure how many i have left, but what are the names of the fiends?? list them all if you can. please and thanks.
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    Skin color??

    What skin color do you use here at KHI?? I'm just really curious XD
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    Any tips for...

    Any tips for fighting Sin?? I got to the part where you are actually ON him, then died cause i forgot to heal...I don't have any of the secret aeons, so don't ask... Also, I got Ifrit to use his overdrive THREE times before he died...should I make sure all 3 of my elemental aeons do that?? Cause...
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    Yunalesca >.<

    This is an aeon battle, isn't it? I beat her the first two parts, but then the 60,000 part got me... help me out... and no bragging about how much better you are or how much better a game is coughcoughoblivionwieldercoughcough
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    should i get Yojimbo?? I'm right there and i have 30,000 gil...should i?? or shouldn't i??
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    8 word story!

    Ok this game is played like this: Each person can only post 8 words. I'll start: Sora was sitting on a log eating when
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    Sphere Grid: Kimarhi...I need help!

    Can somebody tell me what to do for Kinarhi's sphere grid? I haven't used him much b/c idk which way to have him move...from what i saw, he was pretty much surrounded by Lvl. 1 locks....what should I do?
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    CoM Deck formations

    I'm level 77 and i just got out of Destiny Islands, and know I need to fight Riku...again... Can anyone help me configure a deck to hepl me whoop him?
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    How fragile is...

    How fragile is the KH2 disc?? Cause i just dropped it behind a radiator and it was the "back"(the side w/out a picture) on the radiator...and when i picked it up, i scratched it in one spot and it looks like a bunch of Z's long and connected... :cursing: :cursing:
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    I need some help here!

    I'm not so sure if this is the right place for this but, I need help. I want to know how to contact Square-Enix, but i do not know how at all...so if anyone knows, I appreciate your help.
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    Must...defeat...evrae!!! (FFX)

    I KEEP DYING!!! :cry: :cry: i need some help here, if anyone'll be kind enough to help.i beat him once, but then i dies trying to get to Yuna...if there was a save sphere, i missed it... X_X
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    Mickey's Letter

    I have another one!(and i don't give about a double post if this is one) Dear Kairi, Next time, make sure Sora isn't behind you!! You're lucky that i got him drunk enough...and you need to tell Riku to back off!! I think he's a little jealous when he saw you and Sora in the Secret Place with no...