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    level in CoM

    man you all really wrent lucky I got 9and8s like crazy and all slights and because of that ansem and riku were easy.no offence
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    I know probably memories like you had to defeat all the bosses that you destroyed but they wauld be memories of your victoms.
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    I cant believe that Atlantica is back!

    I know you all might hate me for saying this but to you the turth I liked hollow bastion the most and the heartless their. but I agree that they are going to make the swimming sistum(sorry for bad spelling)even better than before.
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    my theory

    that is true so now its leaving me curious...
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    How many people will line up at walmart when KH2 comes out?

    yup true why be stupid and wait for like an eternity when you can have it by tomorrow its not like its going to be sold outO__o have alittle common sense people
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    Favorite Organization Member

    I like lexius because he's earth and thats my birth element also I like his weopon
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    Im gonna break this f**kin gameboy I hate Marluxia

    why the vulger language?anyway he's not really that hard to beat all ya gotta do is relentlessly attack with out healing or else he'll get a chanse to attack you dont and get quick reloads to k.B)