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    Old BbS Scan Translated to English

    Terra he fights for his friends
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    for me Aero was the number1 thing recast it as soon as it wears off
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    What is its name?

    people usually call it The Castle That Never Was, but I dont know if it even has an official name
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    what are the age ranges of people that play KH 2

    im 19 now but was 15-16 when I played KH1... whatever year that was but yeah, its not that surprising that its mostly middle,highschool, and college kids
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    Is it possible to get the Red Trinity in Halloween Town after deafeating Oogie?

    GameFAQs: Kingdom Hearts (PS2) Trinity Mark FAQ by EmP :( sorry according to this FAQ it is missable sorry, didn't think they would do that, KH usually lets you get everything eventually
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    Is it possible to get the Red Trinity in Halloween Town after deafeating Oogie?

    If I'm thinking correctly ...(which I apologize If im not) there were 2 things in Halloweentown that took me forever to find, im not sure if they were treasure chests or trinities... but if you're stuck I suppose its worth checking 1 - I think there was a trinity in the town square, but it was...
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    i have a question

    -sigh- I can't believe how many people freak out about this No one in KH is "really" gay. Just like no character in any popular video game or anime or manga (that isnt yaoi) is actually gay. Fans make up pairings so that they can squee over the gay-ish moments. But its not like in KH3 sora...
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    Opinion on Demyx

    I don't see how importance to the overall storyline has anything to do with how good of a character they are. Sometimes the best characters in books, movies, and video games are ones that have very little screen time. Lots of people keep dismissing all of the organization members just...
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    Does Sora own more than one keyblade? -Theory-

    I actually agree that in KH2 there may be more than 1 Kh1 put such an emphasis on there only being 1 keyblade, and how amazing it was. And it was definately the same keyblade being transformed by the keychain. In KH2 however, it was different. First of all, they dont say "you received...
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    Kingdom hearts is kind of bad at showing age... Sora and Kairi look more than 1 year older in KH2 I would say Terra is only about 17-19 Aqua is about the same and Ven is about 15-16 (about the same as Sora)
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    ven's broken keyblade

    Just because Riku's dark keyblade had no keychain does not mean all keyblades without chains are also fake Riku's keyblade was also Black. Are all black keyblades fake?
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    ven's broken keyblade

    I had thought about that a bit to to me its not how it broke that its important its the fact that it broke thats never happened in the series so far, and I just found it really strange keyblades are so weird, how do you even go about fixing one?
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    KH 358/2 Days Quality

    The DS is capable of some really good graphics. Those scans are from early on. Games always look better closer to their actual release. Most recently I was impressed with the visuals of FFCC Ring of Fates. I think 358/2 will be at least as good
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    Organization Priority List

    For true names, everyone but the 6 apprentices and Roxas are debatable, and their real names might not be in there at all (the anagram + x rule might only apply to the original 6 and roxas) And as for the entire "strongest" rating, thats debatable too. You could go by difficulty, level, hp...
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    Question and comment about Xehanort, time, and age

    So since Xehanort's identity seems to be one of the major topics of Birth By Sleep, ive been thinking about time and age a lot... Obviously BBS takes place in the past (I think I remember reading 10 years, but someone plz correct me if I'm wrong) Anyway, I was thinking about Xehanort, the...