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    The I-Play-Gears-of-War-2 Club!

    Everyone here who plays Gears 2 is invited in!
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    Does Kingdom Hearts remind you of Star Wars?

    They fight very close alike too!
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    Can you buy Re:Chain of Memories in English

    We might get it in English, a strong rumor going about..... maybe alone, maybe with the FMs...
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    Xion at Twilight Thorn Battle?!?!

    I never noticed this cloaked person at first. Well, at least I know now. Either way, its either A. Roxyroxrox's former self, Riku, or Xemnas.
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    Roxas' Keyblades In 358/2 Days

    Keyblade from Xigbar = Shoot ability in 358/2 days. Keyblade from Sa'i'x = Berserk ability (as in you do more damage when you're out of MP) in 358/2 days. I want the shoot ability!
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    luxord Cloud's nobody!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! It wouldn't work, make sense, and would cause another plot device. So, [/thread].
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    Maleficent 1 boss, need help

    Here I am, finally at Hollow Bastion. But I'm stuck at the first Maleficent battle. Anyone have some tips for it?
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    Slide Troubles

    Alright, so we all know Deep Jungle. Now here's my problem. I can't seem to find the 7th slide. I have all of them from the campsite. Anyone know where it is?
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    Agribah - Organization member

    The above are right. It's most likely Luxord, because, well.... He's a gambler.
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    sora being beaten up why???

    Terra was beating Sora because everyone hates Sora. Even Kairi.
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    Which command bar do you use?

    KH1 or KH2? I use KH2, makes the place seem more themed.
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    <==Roxyroxrox Club==>

    If you're a fan of Roxyroxrox, err... Roxas, just post here if you want to join. Leader: ultimaFTW! Co-leader: ??? Members: Clone,
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    best organization 13 weapon

    Sai'x's berserker weapon is called a claymore. Either way, Roxie's keyblades and Axel's charkams.
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    Best fight

    Groundshaker =] He was awesome.
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    Worsened Ice Age (Signups, Inking, err, OOCing.)

    This thread is only for an upcoming RP me and MxUltima are making. It will be in the Canon section. Once we have at least 5 people and the main characters filled up, it will start. Sora - ??? Kairi - ??? Riku - ??? Other characters Sirox - MxUltima
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    Favorite Boss Battle Music?

    My faves is The Corrupted and Sinister Shadows.
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    drive forms in bbs??

    I want to be able to use Final Form on Ven. Ven + Final Form = Ultimate awesome.
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    3 word story

    All you have to do is keep the story going with a post consisting of three words. Let's start, shall we? Riku was killed---
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    aqua a guy???

    Wow, you Preretardagains. Yes, I did just put that out at the people who think Aqua is a guy.
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    If BBS will let you play different storylines...

    Mickey or Aqua. Whichever of those two it will be is still unconfirmed. If Nomura doesn't confirm this sooner, I will find his house and burn it down.