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    Who's this young boy riku adored?

    We saw xehanort at the beggining of BBS.. well we haven't known if what age or time he went out of D.I to go on a journey and ending up in L.D to train as an apprentice.. But for so there is one question im wondering 1:In bbs sora was a newly born so same goes as riku i think.. now the...
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    I justt realized some really crazy stuff

    this im not quite really sure bro, xigbar was reffering to roxas cause braig and ventus never seen one another in the entire BBS not a scene that they have talked so he was reffering to roxas cause roxas and xigbar doesn't really like each other from days if you have seen or played the game \
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    Xehanort didn't know?

    I see Wow that give me so much info that i can't find on my own.. THX :D
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    Xehanort didn't know?

    Well here what as far as i see in 3D Xehanort was there since the beginning of KH 1 when sora flew by the blow made out from the door in their hide out since a kid.. And i have a therory (But im not really certain of it) that Xehanort also the one who's behind what happened with riku in kh1...
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    Axel/Lea meets Ven

    Hey guys i would just to question those who probably know's the answer.. I would like to know what would likely Axel/Lea would say if he meets ven?.. They met in BBS while lea was still a young boy, and about seeing him after surely he would wake up in kh 3 + the fact he doesn't seem to...
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    Was it all just a dream?

    This is my first time to put an answer into a thread yet i think i might know the answer.. As you see when BBS was released it just broke the idea that the things happened to sora and etc. are not just a dream but a reality for it wont show any history at the first place i wouldn't believe that...