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    Confirmed Worlds

    hey i want to see the pirates world in action it seems kool to me woop woop ahahahahha ppl are gonna have fun there i hope sora gets his mre-sora form back i like it yay!!
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    Kingdom Hearts Appreciation

    Re: Well, here's my KH appreciation I Cant See The Pic Where Is It??? :-(
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    Kairi's Past

    Re: Kiaris past Or Maybe Kairi And Sora Will Get Married And Have Lil' Sora's Ans Lil ' Kairi's Running Around Omg That Would Be Sooo Cute Lil Soras Wiht Mini Keyblades Awwwwwwww How Awsome!
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    Bhk In Com?!

    yeah i think hes gonna be playable in KH2 becuz ppl have been tlaking about that lately so i think its true woooohooooo
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    Ansem's forms!

    aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha omg ahahahahahaha that would be so kool it went that far but all gams have to eventually end which is sad *cries*
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    serously i can answer almost all your ? for kh2

    ahahahahahahahahahahaha omg!! UR A LIAR shut up a leave plz
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    Something everyone seems to be forgetting...

    hes such a LIAR cuz he cant be giving us information on KH2 or else he would get FIRED lmao!! what a looooser seriously do us all a favor and crawl back in that whole of lonliness u came out from ahahahahaha omg! what a loooser lmao!!!!
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    serously i can answer almost all your ? for kh2

    ahahahah fine if u do know everything about KH2 ok then tell us which organization members are gonna come out hahahahaha!!! answer that then i might consider believing you
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    Ansem's forms!

    yeah!! i beat CoM and R/R it was so AWSOME i like marluxias scythe ong i want it
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    Favorite Organization Member

    i like axel to because he looks especially his eyes they look AWSOME
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    Ansem's forms!

    ansem probably looks like that heartless shadow thingy u fight wiht in the game maybe thats his true form becasue its like his shadow and all....gah"!! i dont know it all sounded rihgt in my head. (plz dont get amd guys)
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    Favorite Organization Member

    I love Larxene...(cant u guys tell) well shes awsome i love the way she laughs when u fight her and I KNOW she will come out in KH2...i just know because shes awsome...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! *runs in circles screaming*
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    How do you think will the playable scenes of BHK and Sora will alternate?

    i think they will pair up in one of the worlds and have to work together like in resident evil 0 wiht rebecca and billy like to solve surtain puzzles and stuff thats what i think SO DONT FLAME ME!!
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    why does BFU wears a blindfold?

    well my firend told me he was blindfolded because he was blinded by the light of Kingdom Hearts im not sure if thats true can u guys help me out by telling me if its false or true thnx
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    Ansem Theory

    goood point hey why cant i show my siggy ='(
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    Ansem Theory

    I think Diz is ansems light side and if u watch ASAS or w/e in the scene where the unknown is talking to him as that shot is about to change u notice that they are viewing them through a security camera so i think they have him captive cuz ansem thinks he is weak and doesnt want to show his...
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    The Unknowns at Hollow Bastion

    they got there asses kicked and then the organization was like "leave and dont come back" then spat in leons face lmao!! XD
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    The New Organization Thread

    maybe axel wants to get to the top and when he does he might turn on the superior and try to kill him to be able to gain control of the organization thats my thought sop dont go all crazy on me ok =D
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    anyone notice the three keyblades in deep dive?

    yup i saw that to but why would he have the kingdom key....?
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    Blond Hair Kid news

    you go starry woop woop starry rocks my socks hehehehe so there starry helped me out by placing the proof i needed thnx starry u rock