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    BBS:FM Secret Ending step by step analysis(Probably spoilers)

    Castle of Dreams appears in the RoD because Ansem SoD is looking for the PoH. So he destroyed Cinderalla's World(He also destroyed Snow White's and Aurora's)
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    I think the pillar is when Apperentice Xehanort found Radiant Gardens door and opened it. IF I remember correctly this also when he discarded his body but i could be wrong about that.
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    I'm going to clear things up a bit. Zero point = end of BBS 0.5 = destruction of cinderlla's world 1 = begin of KH 1 The numbers have to do with the time the event takes place. The castle Aqua see in the realm of darkness is Cinderlla's. That's also why the wayfinder glow because it sense Ansem...
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    Release date?

    I just came back from GameStop and in the upcoming release for the psp i saw BBS. Its said it was coming out 12/31/10. Someone please tell me that this is just a filler date.
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    This is a question about Sora, Riku, Aqua, AtW and the Dark Meridian

    Answer to the thread: Ansem the Wise meets Aqua after Sora and Riku return to DI and get the letter from mickey.
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    The keyblade

    Yeah but Kairi has the potential to become a wielder due to Aqua's little accident.
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    The keyblade

    I dont think they'll get rid duel wielding now that is been introduced into the game even after ven's heart is removed.
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    Sora's Armor

    Anyone else think it would cool if Sora end up with Ventus armor or ended up with his own set of armor?
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    Was Ven the one talking to Sora in KH1.

    Everybody is saying its mickey but can some one provide a link to prove it. In my opinion i think its Ven. At the time mickey doesnt know who the new keyblade wielder is, only that the person exists.
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    VM is back!

    Yeah. After 3 months of hectic school work, Marine tests and physicals, I finally have enough free time to start get back on KHI.
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    358/2 days honest opinion

    I give it 7 thumbs up out of 10. I liked it for the most part. I would recommend buying it.
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    How many times have you beaten KH1?

    10 times all the way to level 99 and jiminy's journal complete on proud mode. Havent played it in like 2 years now. Lowest level was like 41.
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    BBS VENXROXAS theory

    I doubt that Sora had two bodies. Two hearts is possible because in Kh they're not physical object. Two physical bodies would make Sora some four armed freak of nature. So i have to disagree with this theory.
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    Disappointed with Days?

    Its still nice to have multiplayer and to play as roxas. It might not have much to do with the main story but it lead to something cool in Kh2. All in all i think its a good game.
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    Id say the 1000 heartless battle. I would have loved if they had made it more diffcult and add the boss they took out. This was taken from Ultimania. Its a concept boss that was taken out. So want to fight it.
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    Vexen's laugh

    I have to change my pants thanks to that creepy laugh lol. Im going to nightmares for life.
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    Ven's Memory Theory

    This is one of the most riduclous theories ive heard for this. And i know since im VensMemories. lol
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    Who will you play as first

    Ven of course. He is kick ASS!
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    Unversed Theory (Please Post)

    There were some parts i find diffcult to believe but i agree with the overall theory.
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    In what order will you use TAV for BBS?

    Ven, aqua, then terra. This game is going to ROCK!