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  1. iDrops

    How would you have done it?

    B-b-but I love 3D the way it is! Overall, I did genuinely love 3D except for a few things. If the game was more solid in general it would have been even better for me. However, my main isssue is the story, I don't understand the point of time travel especially in this sense. It's just an...
  2. iDrops

    Help/Support ► Guy's i had a constant dream lately

    I think your dream is telling you to buy a shorter rope
  3. iDrops

    3D is the only KH game I've played through once so far

    I'm pretty much the opposite as I absolutely love 3D even if the story goes a bit crazy to the end with the whole time travel thing. That's the only thing preventing this game from being my favourite KH game, which loses out to KH1. I find the gameplay to be extremely enjoyable, so much so...
  4. iDrops

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I actually enjoy ice cream for the most part. I find it strange but I just can't do it if I'm looking at the screen, I have to look away and just press the button in time with the music. That works pretty well for me except for one song, I just can't do Destiny Islands.
  5. iDrops

    Help/Support ► How do i keep a girl from crying for quitting a friendship?

    Find her a better friend so then when you get rid of her, she'll be too busy with this other person to care. Or you could give her money to quit your friendship.
  6. iDrops

    Signature of the Month 4: Superheroes

    SIGNATURE OF THE MONTH Theme: Superheroes Basically use any character that's some kind of superhero. They can be from any kind of media, video games, comics, anime, etc. Maximum Size Limit: 500x350 Deadline: November 26th Voting: November 27th - 30th Rules: • One entry per person • You...
  7. iDrops

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Collection Edition Announced!

    Is it bad that I didn't even look at the contents of the collector's edition before rushing to the SE site and pre ordering it? This is amazing news. I'm also really glad that the UK can get it too, not to mention they announced it at the same time as the US collector's edition, unlike...
  8. iDrops

    SotM 3: Halloween Voting Thread

    How to vote: Pick your top three entries and rank them in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. You can also do honourable mentions. All participants must vote. It is highly recommended that you give a reason for you vote. Basically critique them! Voting ends this Friday night. Each signature will get a...
  9. iDrops

    Signature of the Month 3: Halloween

    SIGNATURE OF THE MONTH Theme: Halloween Pretty much anything relating to the Halloween holiday will be accepted. Examples for Halloween themes are pumpkins, horror/dark, witches, etc. Size Limit: 500x350 (just to clarify the maximum tag size) Deadline: October 28th Voting: October 29th -...
  10. iDrops

    Signature of the Month 2: Sprites

    Theme: Sprites Pretty much self explanatory. There is no colour theme or anything, just make a sprite signature! Deadline: September 27th Voting: September 28th - 30th Rules: • One entry per person • Entries should be submitted into this thread • Anyone can enter! Even if you're a novice at...
  11. iDrops

    Signature of the Month: Voting Thread

    How to Vote: First pick which one you'd like to vote for then give your reason for doing so. It is highly suggested that you critique, so say what you like about it and what they could improve on. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST VOTE. Also, don't vote for yourself! Even if you didn't participate in this...
  12. iDrops

    Signature of the Month: Polar Opposites

    SOTW has returned but this time it has been changed into a monthly contest so you guys can have more time to submit your beautiful entries~ Theme: Polar Opposites: Summer & Winter Basically, we want you to use summer colours but with winter themes! Which can mean pretty much anything that is...
  13. iDrops

    KHInsider Graphic Submissions

    Hey guys! We're looking for some more user submitted graphics and we were hoping you would help us again. Just head on over to the submissions thread for more details.
  14. iDrops

    KHInsider Graphic Submissions

    We're looking for some graphic submissions again and we thought we'd ask you lovelies in digital media to help us out since the last graphic submission was so popular. All we want you to do is create some avatars/signatures for us then we'll decide which ones go up on the main site. Also...
  15. iDrops

    The I'm actually doing something productive Art Thread

    I've been wanting to make an art thread for a while but never did because eh. So I'll dump some of my drawings here and yeah. I'm not very good with anatomy or lighting btw which is why I'm not drawing full body. I'm also bad with exciting poses, I just can't think of any. help me. Digital...
  16. iDrops

    Kingdom Hearts save file

    Re: kingdom hearts save file Has this happened with any other games? If not and the save file isn't corrupt then it's probably the disc.
  17. iDrops

    Which are you more excited for?

    Pretty much this. The only thing I'm really excited for in BBS is seeing how pretty it is on PS3.
  18. iDrops

    News ► Tetsuya Nomura's Special Message + Bonus Sketch

    Re: Tetsuya Nomura's Special Message + Bonus Sketch That was a sweet message Nomura left for the fans. People are getting the game early? How? I have mine on preorder so I don't know if I could just walk into the shop and get it.
  19. iDrops

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- PS3 Theme Preorder Bonus!

    Here's hoping for a Europe exclusive theme.
  20. iDrops

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- PS3 Theme Preorder Bonus!

    I've been needing a new PS3 theme for years, this will do nicely.