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  1. Watanuki-kun

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    Kingdom Hearts was my first vidoe game. My sister bought it for me for my birthday back in 2003. I never knew about PS2 or about its amazing game. When I put the game inside the console I was petrified for how real it look. The characters, the graphics everything. I even still hymns sometimes...
  2. Watanuki-kun

    Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever!?

    Re: Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever?????!!!!!!!!!!! Demyx. Gosh it was my badesst moment ever. I mean when you first meet him he just using water clones at you. The second time you meet him, he's like, "I'm gansta you!" And I was confuse and startled at his combat change! I mean...
  3. Watanuki-kun

    Just finish Highschool recently and...

    I just finish highschool lately and I'm happy that dreadful story in my life is finally over. Sure there will be some memories I'd love to keep but for now is all about having fun in this summer vacation! My bigger problem right now is what happenes next. I don't know what should I do after all...
  4. Watanuki-kun

    KH3D Side Riku Novel Artwork! (Contains Spoilers)

    Why didn't he drew Riku and Shiki? That moment was too adourable. But it last I have a Rhyme and Beat one :D Lol. Shiro will probably fix it before the release, no?
  5. Watanuki-kun

    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! Amazing. I couldn't believe that this the ol' Kingdom Hearts. The ol' one on my PS2 look amazing even if the graphics are a dull but now? Who cares! This is wonderful :D I wonder how will they improve the graphics for KH2? :x
  6. Watanuki-kun

    Your Wishlist for Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    More storylines point of view from different characters from first KH till the end of KH365 days and special ending :D
  7. Watanuki-kun

    IGN Top 100 weapons: #56 Keyblade

    Oh my, What an honor ^^ Although I'm really angry they put Leon's gunblade as number 100. That was totally wrong decision T.T
  8. Watanuki-kun

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Release Round-Up! (Spoiler Free!)

    That 10th Anniversary Box is such a beauty. I'm happy they didn't compremise on the goodies like more series then to do ^^ I hope when the series reach the 25th anniversary will get a Kingdom Hearts figure in the box alongside the games *.*
  9. Watanuki-kun

    Who do you think are the two remaining character spots on the site?

    Neku and Lea. Either that or Lea and Young MX ^^
  10. Watanuki-kun

    King and Centaur Xemnas

    I don't know, maybe they will and maybe they wouldn't. This is a game supported by the disney studio and probablly they'd never let this scary thing inside the games. But this will sad if they wouldn't let this awoseam Nobodies fights availible on the next game. Just thinking on the fights makes...
  11. Watanuki-kun


    Sephiroth was the toughest boss in both games: Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. It was like impossible to defeat him, but there's a way. In Kingdom Hearts 2 you'd need to be smart and cautious. I know I was when I beat him the first time. Forget the spells, execpt Curage and Reflact. Their the best help...
  12. Watanuki-kun

    Help/Support ► My Grandma...

    Omigosh. You poor thing. You'll be alright. I lost my baby sister before I was two years old. One day she was okay and the next gone. Dead. That's how cruel the fact that our time is limited. I hope you'll be okay, and I'm sure your grandma is happy in heaven or another place. It's gonna be...
  13. Watanuki-kun

    When KH3D comes out in Japan, will you spoil yourself?

    Let me think... YES ^^ I'd spoil myself and hope when the U.S. will come I'll understand what's happening XDDDDDDDDDDDD
  14. Watanuki-kun

    Official Gold Eyed Person Discussion Thread

    Re: Unknown guy in BBS FM? Now's theres even time travel? What next? flying dead monkeys!? O.O :Sigh: I guess everything possible if your MX :X
  15. Watanuki-kun

    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    Riku vs Chernabog. THE BEST BOSS FIGHT IN THE WHOLE SERIES O.O The new Dream Eaters... That Peguses thingy? I don't think Sora should ride that... It's deliverying the worng message of the epicness of the game XDDDDDDDDDD And a Clown bubble Ohhhh! So cute! Too bad it's only a Nightmare... A...
  16. Watanuki-kun

    Possible bosses in DDD

    Fight him twice? Man that will be sooo coool~ Isn't Riku supossed to fight in Norte Dame the Garygole Dream Eater and the Heartlesss Ansem we saw?
  17. Watanuki-kun

    New V-Jump Scan: Fantasia and Tron: Legacy Featured!

    Another Mickey? Okay now I'm confusing... From Muskuter Mickey to Magican Assistant? Man Norma is better to explain what happened or else I'm going to to lonney vile T.T
  18. Watanuki-kun

    Think he knows?

    I do think he knows Ven is inside him. What makes me confused is how a mere mortal like MX can knows stuff like that? It's not possible for a human to know about things like free your heart and put it into someone, or creating a darkness from a pure heart of light. Things are just too...
  19. Watanuki-kun

    Why is there a chosen one?

    Really? I thought it was an ability Keyblade master learn to used O.O But still there's no chosen one, although in every game there is one and that just take all the fun from the game. Riku was supoose to be the hero, then again he was sedcue by the darkness and then the keyblade found the...