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    Scar's ghost and Vanitas

    I see, interesting.. I haven't seen the movie, but I understand the concept better now, thanks. Understanding East Asian mythology, especially Japanese mythology, would truly be beneficial to getting a better understanding of the Kingdom Hearts lore. I guess a lot of misconceptions for the...
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    Scar's ghost and Vanitas

    I just got to the second visit of the Pride Lands and I encountered the mysterious phantom of Scar. Although I've played through this part several times I never really put any tought into what The Scar's ghost really is. It's mentioned in Jiminy's Journal that it was created from the evil in...
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    News ► KH HD 2.5 ReMIX surfaces in Weekly Shonen Jump

    YAY, magazine scans, how I have longed for those! I'm already excited, even though it doesn't feature anything new (is the Re:coded screenshot new?). Let the news flood!
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    Riku's Way to Dawn Question?

    ​ Sooo, how does this add up, did he (Nomura) change his mind or what?
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    News ► Voice Credits for 358/2 Days HD!

    What's kinda funny is that he has recently released a new heavy metal album in May, lol. He's freaking 91 years old and is singing metal.. He could easily come back to voice as Ansem the Wise if he would like to.
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Sound Team Interview!

    "we had to finish recording in one day and that was that. We had to be out of the hall by 9:30pm, but by the time it was 7:30pm we hadn't even finished recording half..." Seriously?! One freaking day?? That's amazing.. I'm really glad they pulled it off, finishing every single track! Also...
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    News ► Famitsu Details on KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD ReMIX!

    Weren't they NPCs from before? It would be cool if they add even more NPCs into KH1, but the current amount is good enough. Btw, do you think they will add critical mode considering the Zero Exp abilitie is in the game?
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    Legend Of Kay - One of the most underrated games

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKhz5958itI "Legend of Kay sets out to take the player on a journey which combines classic Jump and Run elements with an immersive story driven adventure. For generations the peaceful cats have lived on the mythical island Peng-Lai in the Chinese sea, together...
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    Completion Times

    Proud Mode Sora Lvl 33 Riku Lvl 35 Time: somewhere around 42 hours Report complete: 61-63 % Not sure if I should try to complete 100% on proud mode or on critical mode..
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    After completing game, Riku in the World that Never Was, feels sleepy?!

    You can. You just need to access the portal in the area and go to the world map.
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    After completing game, Riku in the World that Never Was, feels sleepy?!

    Yup. It's also mentioned in the KH:3D Ultimania Staff interview--
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    "Why Kingdom Hearts II is one of the greatest games ever made"- Gamesradar

    Why Kingdom Hearts II is one of the greatest ... | GamesRadar KHII placed 81th
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    Anyone interested in playing Birth By Sleep Final Mix online?

    I'd be happy to play with you, but which ad hoc version do you use, the Europe or American one?
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    KH3D E3 2012 Trailer Released!

    I'm glad they decided to make this trailer shorter and improve it more. And like Souji said, it will only benefit us more when they show us less. Btw, it's kinda funny to see Xemnas sitting on one of the lower chairs in the round room seeing as he always was the boss.
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    KH3D Gametrailers Interview with Raio Mitsuno!

    It's almost like Square is only putting in a few extras in our versions just so they can have an excuse to make Final Mixes for Japan..
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    English KH3D website updates with new snazzy look

    Because EU deserves it... Although Australia would've deserved it more.
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    Official KH3D NA Release Date!

    So, there is a chance that Europe may get DDD in july, even before NA? :DD
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    Disputes between Lea - Even & Ienzo?

    Btw, where is Ansem the Wise now? Is he still stuck on the beach, "Dark Margin"?
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    Dutch game store sets kh3D on 27 july ..

    You guys spoiled..? Yeah, right, what about the infamous Final Mixes?
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    Disputes between Lea - Even & Ienzo?

    That's true. The somebodies cannot be held responsible for their respective Nobodies actions, because they're two different people, although a Nobody is the Somebodies other half. However, as Nomura confirmed that the Sombodies can remember "their" time as a Nobody, there should be some talk...