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    The SasuNaru Fanclub ~The Never Ending Bond~

    Welcome to the SasuNaru Fanclub. :36: (Deeper than friendship, Deeper than blood, It's Love.) Here for all fans of SasukeXNaruto or better know as SasuNaru/NaruSasu. For the people who can see that they are mean't to be. For the people who can that even if one of them were a girl... they...
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    What did Sora shout at the end?

    I also think he shouted "Kairi" :wink:
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    I beat Kingdom Hearts!

    I just beat it for the first time! I'm so happy! :36: I love it!
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    NEW Scans!!!!

    Thanks for sharing! :)
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    The SoRiku FanClub

    The SoRiku FanClub A Fanclub for Fans of the great pairing SoRiku (Riku/Sora)! How can anyone not love this pairing? I mean it's so cute! No bashing SoRiku allowed! :23: ~Members~ SoraRikuLove, DarkGuardian44, Lifes.Lover, Blufire, Hershey, Rain, Roxas001, Midnight Star...
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    Hi, I'm new :)

    Hi, My name is Lyndi. I've just started playing Kingdom Hearts 1, I've had Kingdom Hearts for about a year and never really got that far. But, I've just started playing it again and I'm about half way done :) I'm loving it! I'm a fangirl of SoRiku (Riku and Sora). :)