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    Help/Support ► Family Troubles

    not to be rude or anything but yeah this isnt the place to look for help gtfo plz
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    Help/Support ► Family Troubles

    u really should, it might not work out or is this what u want?
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    Help/Support ► Family Troubles

    ok this is really freaky now, ive been reading this thread for the past hour or so and it's just plan creepy. Dude y do u even wanna do that? are u sure? your daughter think of her? and sorry for the rudeness, it's just that we dont see poeple trying to do that. what country are u from and such?
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    Passion...But Spanish

    i sorta didnt get what she was saying but it was very good
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    Am I the only one who doesn't/didn't use sleights?

    at first no , but i had to pass the game again so that's when i start using them
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    The first time you fight riku

    sadly no i died like about 3 times until i beated him