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    Should there be another...

    If KH3 is even comming out then, yes, but I wouldnt want it to be stupid freaking card battles again. That little playing style can be saved for some other game out there. Its not meant for KH, do you get it?!
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    am I a failure if I can't beat COM?

    If you didn't beat KH:CoM, you aren't a failure. I didn't beat it...I hated it so I stopped [not even] half-way through. And, um, I'm not a failure...so yeah.
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    K, so has anybody ever seen the anime called SuperGALS??? If not then i HIGHTLY reccomend it! Its so so so funny. There really is no plot. But the whole story focuses around Ran Kotobuki and Her two friends. They reak (sp?) havok in shibuya and what not. And for all you OnDemanders out there...
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    The "Chaser" symbol revealed! (possibly...)

    This was brought up a while ago. I dont really see the significance in it though...
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    ...or am i just dumb?

    Okkay....so, one of my favorite songs from the band [I]Enigma[I] is called "Return to Innocence." A bunch of you have probobly heard it. And i dont know why...but it reminds me of kingdom hearts...? Its so weird...can anybody relate? Gah! I feel so dumb!
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    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, I bet you thought this letter was going to be really important. haha, psycke!!! Love, King Mickey. XoXo kisses. bff. peace.
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    What I Did't Like About KHII

    mighty joe z.... let me tell you something... take the game for what its worth because it aint changing. kay?! complaining on frickin forums is stupid...so just keep it inside your head. KAY?! and with your #17 problem...I personally think it would be cool if it was somebody else as the main...
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    Good places to train Master/Final?

    okay well i just beat steamboat willie and i wanna lvl up wisdom a lot...any good places besides TWTNW???
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    Did anyone max out all of they're drive forms?

    im trying to max my drive forms out too. what are the max levels???
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    Shadow Sora Drive Form? I've done it. No joke.

    wait...okay... so you seriously thought that you discovered something new.............. ooookay.... happy for you discovery...but try searching the forums a little harder...there are tons of anti-form threads...kay?
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    Valor or Wisdom?

    yeah i like valor the best...but i think if i power wisdom up a bit that it really could be awesome. btw: what level is the max for wisdom?
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    How do you beat Xaldin?

    i beat xaldin on my first try... but yes it was very frustrating... and even the last boss is easier than him...
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    Goofy KH2 after battle

    goofy didnt die. theres no goofy heartless theres no goofy nobody. kay?
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    picture of sora and pooh bear

    For anybody who beat the book of pooh: is the "cover" with sora and pooh online somwhere...i cant find it...if anybody could help me out that would be great :) thanks
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    Kingdom Hearts II[NA] Ending Video

    omg i love the ending...soooooo good.
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    I finally beat the game!

    i loooooved when kairi said "your home" it just gave me goosebumps! :) i wish there was a save right before it so I could watch it over and over again...
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    I finally beat the game!

    i just beat it like 5 minutes ago omg...such a good ending...it made me squirt a tear but yeah...i didnt rush throught it... i didnt exactly take a whole day out to level up...but yeah i took my time...
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    how do you get final form?

    well when i fought saix i drove to master form and then for the little red bonus box thingy is shows after you beat a boss in the right hand corner it said "drive upgrade" and then after that....i looked and hey, theres final form!
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    Orcilium+ ( KH2 )

    they are mostly hidden in treasure boxes....
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    Final form with Xigbar

    im only on lvl 1 of master form...:( whats the best way to lvl it up???