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  1. savits721

    KH3D Pre-Order Bonus!

    So, how do you get them into the game? Is there like an e-reader system like pokemon used back in the day for the GBA or is it just a code you punch into the game from the card?
  2. savits721

    KH3D Pre-Order Bonus!

    what are AR cards? old fan here that hasn't played since KH2
  3. savits721

    Help for an old fan

    Hey, everyone! Haven't been on these boards in a while, and they've certainly changed. It's cool to see how this series has grown. I checked out this site and saw KH3DS is coming out in a few months here in the states. That's cool. I was just curious and thought I could pick some of your...
  4. savits721

    Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/original of the series?

    Re: Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/ original of the serie KH1's camera angle didn't bother me. I replay that game every now and then. I never replayed KH2, and I've still yet to play any of the games that have come out since KH2. I may pick them up...
  5. savits721

    Music Search

    great! that was the bluntest statement ever, and i found it funny! I'd have to agree with infintetwilight!
  6. savits721

    BBS Destiny Isands

    maybe VAT planted the papou tree as well =] haha
  7. savits721

    ven's necklace

    hey folks, i was just wondering if anyone's actually looked at ven's necklace. ...it looks like a mix between the nobody and heartless symbols. iany one else thought/see this? any thoughts?
  8. savits721

    The whereabouts of the Soul Eater...

    this is going off of what i remember for it was a long time ago: at the end of chain of memories for riku's story, he is faced with the question (i forget from whom, and it is paraphrased): Which way do you go? (in reference to when he and micky are at the crossroads.) he replies, "i'll take...
  9. savits721

    final mix soundtrack

    hey there people! i was just wondering if anyone happened to have the original four track soundtrack for the first Kingdom Hearts Final Mix [cover art for it is pictured below]. I'm looking for one lol and I don't know where to look. I know it's out of stock most liekly everywhere, but I...
  10. savits721

    did they cut stuff out of KH2?

    i feel really screwed over lol. that would have been phenominal. [i'm a good topic starter :thumbsup:] haha
  11. savits721

    did they cut stuff out of KH2?

    hey there, i was browsing kh pics on the web, and i actually came across something i pondered before. where is this scene in KH2? he's clearly wearing his black costume from kh2, but nowhere in the game are the characters at the castle from kh1 (the castle in hallow bastion). anyone know...
  12. savits721

    are you as angry as me?

    i was just looking at my roxas play arts figure and looking at his keyblade. then it hit me! why did he come with the kingdom key?!?! he's more noted for having oblivion and oathkeeper! they couldn't even package him with two keyblades! i mean he's a dual wielder when he's not in a data-ized...