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  1. Z

    This might be a stupid question but....

    It will be a long game that is for sure!
  2. Z

    please help me..shortcut trouble!

    Thnx so much! This will really help me! :) You can close the thread if you want to!
  3. Z

    please help me..shortcut trouble!

    It turns out that today i got my copy of 358/2 days and have been playing the crud out of it! But when i found out that you could use the shortcuts again in this game i could not figure out how to set them up! And the tutorial they give you to show you how to use it does not tell you where to...
  4. Z

    Confused On Mickey

    How can King Mickey weild the keyblade? -------------------------------------------------------- Ya i was always confused about this to!
  5. Z

    Kh2 drive forms

    Master and Final baby! Best forms right there!
  6. Z

    Why Ven wields backwards.

    Ya sounds reasonable! I think that holding it like that actually would increase the speed and damage that you could do with a keyblade..and it is just cool as heck if you ask me!
  7. Z

    MX's eyes in trailer

    Why would his eyes even change color!? That would be weird
  8. Z

    BBS TGS 09 Trailer??

    Any idea when it might come out? Week? A couple of days? or dont have any idea?
  9. Z

    "Don't Mock Me"

    The name of the thread was pretty hilarious! "dont mock me!!" hehe
  10. Z

    Xehanort has...

    ------------------------------------------- Yah that was pretty stinkin funny to me! haha
  11. Z

    Xehanort has...

    so im guessing if MX and Xehanort have the same underwear it means there the same person -.- -------------------------------------------------- I am laughing so hard right now!!! XD
  12. Z

    Xehanort has...

    ------------------------------------------------------- How does this even apply to the theory!?!?
  13. Z

    BbS Cover at TGS?

    ------------------------------------- Yah they do and she is like three years older than him lol
  14. Z

    Wiiware kh coded

    Great thinking..yah i could see it coming to the us on the wiiware channel! That would be sweet! But that is only if they even think about releasing the game on soil other than Japan!
  15. Z

    BbS Cover at TGS?

    I dont think they will reveal the real cover box art until just under a month of the release of the game
  16. Z

    Neverland Design

    I bet that you can actually go to the ship at some point.maybe for a cut scene or to just goof around. i can tell you that it will not be as big as it was in say Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories though
  17. Z

    What is your favorite drive form?

    ------------------------------------------ Dude if you are wishing to play Final Mix you cant unless you hack your ps2...cause you cant play games made for other ps2 in other countries. They never made a us version of final mix, which is gay! Oh and final form is beast!
  18. Z

    Coded coming America?

    ------------------------------------- Ya i mean just think of how much stuff would be left unexplained and we would all be scratching our heads saying what the heck!?
  19. Z

    Terra vs. Ven vs. Aqua

    Dude i am just not following u on this one..maybe a two on one..but a one on one on one impossible!
  20. Z

    Famitsu BBS interview

    ---------------------------------------------- Ya no kidding lol!!:lol: