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    What's your Panel?

    Well in the sense that you can only have so many I guess. But with the panel system you can keep attacking with your keyblade and things don't run out...except for magic and items depending on how many you have.
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    What's your Panel?

    I've got a basic "charge straight into battle" panel deck. I have a lot of healing items and a couple Cures. True Light's Flight is the Keyblade I'm using currently, linked with power units. I've got a bunch of abilities that help out in battle. And I'm level 13.
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    He's the average teenager who goes and saves a bunch of worlds. (Or at least that's average for teens I know)
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    ^This^ I liked having a more of a challenge in KH1.
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    KH characters that look and even act a little like FF characters

    I think Sora looks more like Tidus..
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    which path wud u hav taken

    XD Cause the look of the outfit is so important
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    which path wud u hav taken

    I'll take the same path that Riku took.
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    Barig=DS Theory

    When did Xigbar talk to Sora about keyblades and battles? Was this conversation in FM?
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    KH characters that look and even act a little like FF characters

    Xion reminds me of Yuffie, Riku reminded me of Zack and Axel reminds me of Reno also.
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    Need tips on killing Xemnas

    He said it was in KH:FM.
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    Org 13 and nobodies

    Creative :D
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    Favorite card.

    Omnislash ftw
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    Favorite card.

    I like the Marluxia card.
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    My 358/2 Days Experience (Translations)

    No prob, no prob. :3
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    If They Were Playable...

    Namine, Ven, and Ansem SoD
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    Organization Sleights

    I liked Axel's Firetooth a lot.
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    Days website updates!

    No, he sounds around that age xD
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    VAT Friendship?

    I think they're close but I think Terra is a bit more distant.
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    My 358/2 Days Experience (Translations)

    I guess Xigbar and Demyx tried to replace Axel.