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    KH Vid

    lol just made this and wanted u ppl to see it: YouTube - Dear Sister-Kingdom Hearts
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    Kh Cheat Code

    My own self-composition of cheats that i just thought i'd share with you guys so you can have something to do while we wait for news about the new games. vid is kinda old, but it wouldn't hurt to boost the views to 20,000 ;). Comment or rate if you like it. Cheats are for codebreaker, and came...
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    How do you beat xigbar?

    drives and reaction commands are your friend
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    playable characters!?!?!?!?!?!?

    you can only play as riku at the end of the game, or if you have a code using the codebreaker for ps2 YouTube - The Riku code.. ON PS2!
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    Beast Castle already appeard in past BBS scan?

    Yea i did notice that. It may be Beasts castle. Im getting kinda tired of him tho lol.
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    something i dont get

    the org. 13 members aren't heartless they are nobodies. i suppose the reason is the same one that pertains to why the nobodies were able to retain their human shell, xehanort had a strong heart.
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    Can we download BBS-demo?

    lmao dude im gonna say no, security is so tight there that they havent even released a trailer, just a 3 second low quality clip is all they were able to get. I doubt anyone but square enix employees would be able to get their hands on it, nonetheless post a downloadable file of it on the internet.
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    I Want One, Too!

    dude they have some on this site... Avatars - Kingdom Hearts Insider just be sure to credit KHI or the artist for their work
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    how do u open ES for battle in KH2FM+

    yea you have to kill Terra to unlock BBS, so he should be there
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    What The Hell Happened?

    Yep, that means EVERY single one. Including Atlantica and Winnie the Pooh. If you have already done those, idk. Things similar to that have happend to me. So rly idk.
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    ES's attacks/moves=Terra's moves in BBS??

    man would i love to use his attacks from fm+! but i doubt his attacks will be THAT immpressive. i remember seeing a gauge though at some point in a screenshot so maybe you can use some of them like sora's drive form or berserk.
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    Pluto summon

    yea moogle points are the currency in chain of memories, and you can buy card packs with them. The card is like a friend card, like donald, goofy, the king, or any world-specific character. It pops up during battles, but this one only appears when you are in a tight situation, such as out of...
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    Pluto summon

    people have wanted to see him so here you go: YouTube - キングダムハーツ Re:チェインオブメモリーズ ボス戦 skip to 1:13 to see it, he does it more than once. it seems that pluto gives sora a bone, and if sora collects it he gets moogle points.
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    Finding Cards?

    wow, i would just say to keep going at it man, i got it on like my 4th shadow lol.
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    help me?

    keep guarding against the yellow sphere, and after that if you are really desperate to beat him, with final form and firaga you can kill him almost instantly.
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    How did the Organization know what Namine's power was?

    Good questions, i wanna find out about how they figured out about her powers
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    AR Codes (they work)

    great codes, although i already have all of those....
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    i have, i only used them after i beat both games several times of course. you guys want some?
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    THE WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes, some of the worlds were quite dull, especially the two-roomed olympus collesium(KH1). I know that this was more of a side world but it had a lot to do with the plot as well.
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    Vexen clones

    great idea, but i do not think that vexen would have had the time. the riku replica was only a prototype, and he was killed before he could bo further cloning. but hey, you never know, maybe he DID create clones in secret, i'm just speculating.