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    Possibilities of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 on PS4?

    I feel like this will happen, but not for the sake of being put on current gen consoles. I see it happening because xbox one sales will suffer greatly if they don't do this. Gamers who has only ever owned an xbox console, will have no idea what is going on, and will likely not want to dive...
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    KH3 getting flowmotion, what about dropping?

    So I know KH3 is getting flowmotion, but is it getting the drop system to tell multiple stories? I just started playing KH3D because I was waiting for 3ds to price drop as much as possible. I thoroughly hate the drop system. I just beat both sides of the hunchback story, but I had to play each...
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    didn't he say something like he went there...so that Riku would make the wish "i won't let anything happen to my friends"...therefore making him a dream eater?
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    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    Terra was confirmed as a darkness.... Xehanort said sora and another of mickey's friends belong to him now....after saying Terra was a guaridan of the light....so MX already confirmed him as a vessel
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    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    wait wait wait...kh1 riku and the current riku are not one and the same? i didnt play 358/2, coded, or BBS people are talking about some called Repliku...as if a replica of riku was made at one point...but i never remember this happening nvm remembered there was a copy of riku made in CoM to...
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    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    As of now: the lights are: Sora Riku Kairi Ven Aqua Mickey Lea Darkessess are: Master Xehanort Young Xehanort Ansem Xemnas Terra Braig Isa so we have 6 missing darknesses....any thoughts? i personally think we will see more people coming back that were originally in organization...but it has...
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    Valor form

    idiot..ur the one who missed the point...you can only lvl ur forms up to ur max drive gauge...in the beginning of the game u have a gauge of 3...and thats as far as u can lvl it, til you get a drive gauge upgrade ;) then u can lvl it til 4...repeat til u have a drive gauge of 7 and lvl all forms...
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    Maybe a new enemy in kh3?

    well, if you've seen my latest threads..ive been playing through kh2 again and with all the new info on days and bbs..i kinda have new theories popping up...this one has to do with a new enemy that we might see in kh3 and scars ghost from pride lands second visit: when ur talking to rafiki...
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    Keyblade theory

    well everyone is focusing on the terra=axel part of my last thread which i now believe is false after reading some of the xeahnort stuff...but here was the other half that hardly anybody replied on Keyblade Theory- When u finish the pirates of the caribbean world the 2nd time around..jack says...
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    Two questions hoping to get answered after playing Halloween town

    but wouldnt she have had more power than a just "ressurected" oogie boogie? she kinda had enough power to do that, if thats what she did, i really dont know how she brought him back..thats a third wonder i have now
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    Two questions hoping to get answered after playing Halloween town

    sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but i just replayed halloween town in kh2., and was wondering 2 things: Why was maleficent hell bent on destroying xmas town, that she saw to it herself? and Why couldn't Oogie Boogie remember anything after coming back or anything that was happening?
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    Keyblade Theory/ Terra Theory

    i was saying he might've missed roxas because he reminds him of ven, if axel even is terra's nobody
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    Keyblade Theory/ Terra Theory

    hey guys, i havent been on in a while..and im replaying kh2 atm but i dont know if this has been talked about so here it goes: Keyblade Theory- When u finish the pirates of the caribbean world the 2nd time around..jack says something about maybe he'll be able to weild the keyblade next time. I...
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    A shadow of Riku in a Birth by Sleep scan.

    did anyone else notice that whoever it is...is also in an Organization robe....you can tell by his/her sleeves....just lettin you guys know lol
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    Some fun with photoshop

    lol photoshop FTW lolololollololollololololo
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    Confirmed 358/2 MP characters

    from the screenshot we know that MP characters will include: 1.Roxas 2.Xigbar 3.Saix 4.Axel if these were the only 4 you could play as which would you choose? presonally myself, i would be saix....that guy was probably the hardest guy for me besides Xaldin....plus he is second in command to...
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    Ven/Roxas/Sora theory

    yeah kinda something like that
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    New symbol?

    correct, im just saying, dont always suspect that the symbol their wearing will be the new enemies symbol....or thats what i tried to say lol
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    Ven/Roxas/Sora theory

    in one of nomuras new interviews, he says that the meanings of the names mean a ton in these games.....well i have a theory Ven looks exactly like Roxas, who is Sora's Nobody Ven means sky...and Sora means Sky i think Ven chose to be Sora's nobody, or in a sense a keyblade master can choose...
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    New symbol?

    i wouldnt say this...i think its just part of their wardrobe, or the group they are in....Sora wears the crown and it means nothing....Roxas had an X type necklace and it mean't nothing, i remember before KH2 came out that i said the necklace around Roxas' was the nobody symbol and got bitch...