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    green drive form

    at the begining of the game we have to make a choice of 3 things, attack, magic and defense, so we have an attack and magic form, but no defense. I would be in favour of the green form being a more defensive form, in which the keyblade became double ended (much like a sith/darth maul saber)...
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    mickey's help??

    yea, it is kinda pathetic putting someone down for calling it the wrong name, "oh god noooooo, he called proud mode expert mode, we must call him a dumbass so the KH Gods will grant us eternal happiness", get a life, if someone gets a name wrong, all you have to do is politelly correct them not...
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    Custom KH2 Keyblades and Missing Ones

    fair enough but some people like to play using mostly magic, so Diamnd Dust would have been cool for Wisdom Mode, but yea, im dissapointed about the lack of keyblades, I would have liked to have seen ALL the originals and all the new ones, including rikus heart unlocker keyblade, wait till dawn...
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    KH2 in Europe (Late 2006)

    yea but difference is, US have already got KH2 but we in the UK probbaly have to wait till october, yet Advent Children is coming out here in the UK a day before the US, all i can think of is maybe, just maybe, even after tetsuya said they wouldnt, square might be putting some extras in for the...
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    KH2 European/KH2:FM Wishlist

    its a hypothetical "what if" question, hnce why i said what you had wished, besides, tetsuya said they arent gonna remake ff7 and advent children would come out 13th september 2005 in america
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    KH2 European/KH2:FM Wishlist

    As we all know, Square are well known for putting extras into the North American and European versions of their games, for example, Ruby Weapon, Kurt Zisa, etc, SO, for those of you waiting for the european release, what extras do you want in KH2 (or if you have NTSC version what do you wish...
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    3rd Symbol Artwork (Unnoficial)

    That symbol i beleive is one of the symbols on the cards the gambler nobodys use
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    4th guy in the secret ending (for the ones who finished kh2)

    Can i have the name and number of your Crack Dealer, what ever it is your on, i want some
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    The Organization XIII flashback in Roxas' memory

    um, so, do u have any proof of the order they are in?
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    Sorry if already posted....

    the image moves alot due to heat, and this is about the 143rd time this has been posted but each time its someone else, like xehanort or riku, i think we just have to wait till a new trailer
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    Play as Mickey?

    Sounds EXACLTY like something Surve would say, no offence if you aren't, but can someone do an IP check to see if he is
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    Secret Ending

    yup, on proud u just beat the game, and normal, you need to seal every keyhole (not sure what else)
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    Personal oppion

    Im going to go with mickey is faster than sora, but i would say that in final form, sora would kickey mickey all over town
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    sumons can drive

    in final form genie and sora ride a kind of cloud while sora holds genies keyblade for a their ultimate summon move
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    aauron mentions ffX story??? possible spoilers

    im telling you, its just a silly non refference cameo phrase, it has nothing to do with anything except for it being said in ffx, cameo, end of
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    KH2 Keyblade **SPOILER**

    id have likeed it if you could have got all the original keyblades aswell as the new ones, including the key of hearts, mickeys, rikus, kairis and the original ultima weapon
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    aauron mentions ffX story??? possible spoilers

    um, maybe its just a cameo phrase, ever thought it could be just that simple
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    aauron mentions ffX story??? possible spoilers

    wow, you actually are a hypocrite saying he is making stuff up, all hearts go to kingdom hearts, so when someone dies, GUESS WHAT, their heart goes to kingdom hearts, NOT SOME LITTLE RADIANT GARDEN HEAVEN, Xigbar is more than likely right, so do yourself a favour and do some home work before...
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    Question for MyInnerFred

    yea you really should have PMed him, but due to the high intrigue thats circulating regarding this question, i dont think anones gonna care, but if it had been a question like what are the names of your cats, then defo PM
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    **WUAH BIG SPOILER!!!!!** who has seen KHII Secret Ending

    U are roughly 2 months behind everyone else in this forum, next youll be telling us all you found out ansem from KH1 was really called Xehanort or Hallow bastian isnt the worlds real name