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  1. Gamergirl

    Taggy Tag Tags

    Top-->down, going from oldest to most recent (5 & 6 were requests) Probably one too many tags for a cnc, but I really don't ask for it often. So go head and take your pick. Def need some for the Jiraiya tag though. Feels unfinished to me.
  2. Gamergirl

    Present Time Lady

    Seems that photos don't get much attention on here....kinda sucks =p Just a little something of mine: Present Time Lady
  3. Gamergirl

    Flashing L i g h t s

    new stuffs Comments/critique would be nice :)
  4. Gamergirl

    Played It To The Beat

    Finally done and content with the Terra tag And new tags: v1 v2 v3 ----- ^In need of suggestions for this crap tag
  5. Gamergirl

    Oh Hai Brick Wall

    3 days later and I hit a art block =p ^I kinda feel done, but feels too empty... ^Thinking the main screenshot stock just isn't that useful ^spent probably the last 2 hrs working on this. I like the slight messiness, but doesn't feel done. Suggestions for these three please, or anyone up...
  6. Gamergirl

    Things have def changed around here...

    Anywho made this while still slightly geekin after seeingTransformers 3. The style's probably "old" but I could care less. CnC
  7. Gamergirl

    Never Lose Myself

    Surprised to see me? I'm surprised I was actually motivated to even make a tag after quitting this stuff over two years ago. Anyways here's what I got in order of creation. Cnc as usual please. 1. 2.
  8. Gamergirl

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie

    Scheduled to come out in 2010 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) - Movie Info - Yahoo! Movies Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - The Movie Oh and did I mention DISNEY is making this and jake gyenhall will be playing the Prince. Doesn't really sound promising to me.....
  9. Gamergirl

    Seriously I'm Stuck

    Umm...yeah. I really don't know which one is better: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a289/lil_kaykay/Deviantart%20Photos/DSC_0686edit.jpg http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a289/lil_kaykay/Deviantart%20Photos/DSC_0686_02edit.jpg Its part of a little commercial shoot I did. I leaning more...
  10. Gamergirl

    Fotos ftw??

    Skies Over Florida by ~Absolute-Photography on deviantART Yellow Bridges by ~Absolute-Photography on deviantART Little Ruby Shoes by ~Absolute-Photography on deviantART MAC MAC MAC by ~Absolute-Photography on deviantART A Complex Figure by ~Absolute-Photography on deviantART comments would...
  11. Gamergirl

    External Hard Drives

    So yeah...I've been looking around for a external hard drives for my laptop since I'm now down to 75 gigs out of 185. I'm interested in ones that are 320gigs and above. Price isn't really an issue with me (as long as it isn't above $300), but I would like to know which is a good brand (Western...
  12. Gamergirl

    Black n White Workz

    http://superkawaii421.deviantart.com/art/S...Spades-79578700 http://superkawaii421.deviantart.com/art/D...Studio-80458944 http://superkawaii421.deviantart.com/art/S...ghts-1-79668022 http://superkawaii421.deviantart.com/art/S...ghts-2-79716579...
  13. Gamergirl

    I r singing....again???

    zSHARE - emotional rollercoaster kendra.mp3 I really think I sound worse in this than when I sung "Beautiful Disaster," but then again, you youself is your own worse critic lol Just posting for shits and giggles. editz://got a video up now YouTube - Me Singing "Emotional Rollercoaster" *just...
  14. Gamergirl

    Fanfiction ► |Beauty and the Hollow|

    -bump- seriously.....at least one comment would be nice...
  15. Gamergirl

    Fanfiction ► |Beauty and the Hollow|

    <looks side to side> Well I haven't seen any Bleach fanfics around here, so I think I might as well post my ficcy Disclaimer: “Bleach” and all its characters belong to Tite Kubo, and “Beauty and the Beast” belongs/copywritten by Disney…and also by that French guy who originally wrote the story...
  16. Gamergirl

    Help/Support ► In memory of Abigail Violet Pasalaqua

    Damn sorry to hear about your cousin. Do you happen to know the name of the condition she had?
  17. Gamergirl

    Umm...me singing....

    Yeah....I kinda stopped singing years ago...and I really don't know why I did this lol Anywayz just watch and say what you think....and no mean s**t like "you f**kin suck" or anything like that. YouTube - Me singing "Beautiful Disaster" ***also I did kinda f**k some of the lyrics just a tiny...
  18. Gamergirl

    Hitsuzen Designs: Assignment 2

    H i t s u z e n | D e s i g n s Assignment #2 I think everyone here agrees that its about time that we have another assignment since its been quite ahile since the last one xD. Anywayz here is the assignment: Collabs Basically for this assignment, ALL members will need to pair up with...
  19. Gamergirl

    Some fun with photoshop

    My apologies, but it seemed like u were gonna say the N word for a second xD anywayz nice job on the third pic, though u missed some of his hair near the bottom
  20. Gamergirl

    Some fun with photoshop

    "nigra"??????? <.<....i'd edit that if i were u...or better yet take it out cuz u better not mean what i think u mean.... plus a mod needs to move this to the gfx section anyway