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  1. gene chaos

    Beyond the Looking Glass

    Since the dawn of this world another has existed along side it and in it exist three powerful entities. After millennia these entities would grow bored with their existence. However they themselves could not end their lives and thus came up with a plan to plan to create beings who could. They...
  2. gene chaos

    Oh yeah!!

    I've been hankering for a battle and now that my schedule has calmed down i want to rumble. The challenger chooses the type of battle and arena. Any takers?
  3. gene chaos

    Mi Comic and and some bots

    This comic i've been doing in my art class Erebues on deviantARTPg 11 Erebues's deviantART GalleryPg 12 wanted to know what u guys thing i should do to improve the next one. also here are some robots. Erebues on deviantART Erebues on deviantART Erebues on deviantART
  4. gene chaos

    [R3-B7] Key vs. Tenyas

    In a land untouched by man, two tribes have waged war since ancient times. However within the last 500 years a form of peace has been formed. Every 50 years the two tribes would send their strongest warrior to battle to see which tribe would have political dominance over the other...
  5. gene chaos

    Halo, anyone?

    Anyone out there wants to do a halo rp? cause i've been iching to do one for a while now.
  6. gene chaos

    Could you do it?.......

    Lets say magically or technologically you were transported in your sleep, to an unknown faculty in your sleep. This happens to everyone and you all wake up at the same time to a voice that tells you that you will be teamed up and fight to the death. You all be transported in a flash of light to...
  7. gene chaos

    where do you read your manga

    one of the site i used often onemanga is at a close and i'm a need new manga sites. anyone with sites besides. mangafox, mangavolume and mangatoshokan. thanks to anyone with other sites.
  8. gene chaos

    Things of late

    Just wanted some critic on stuff i've recently done. http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/153/e/3/Dragon_of_Yu_by_Erebues.jpg this one i made for a friend in pieces i wanted to put the pieces together since she only used the legs so i did but the color scheme i didn't know what to put. i want...
  9. gene chaos

    Round 2 START!

    Okay, my first battle wasn't me getting my face kicked in repeatedly, so I'd like to improve my skills though. this is an open challenge, if the battle is a power based one try not to dabble in god like powers. Basic rules of combat apply, the location can be named by the challenger.
  10. gene chaos

    What would you do if you woke up as the other gender

    as the title suggests post what you would do if this life altering event ever happened to you. You have no clue if you'll change back or when, what would u do? i personally would wake up see myself check if im hot, if not that sucks then go back to sleep to panic and ponder this change at a...
  11. gene chaos

    To see what i'm made of.

    honestly i want to see how i would fair against others in a battle, so i come here in the first time in.... what 4 years to see how a battle would go. so the challenge is open, the challenger can deiced where it will take place and if the world is magic based or science based.
  12. gene chaos

    if you could have a power...

    if you could have a power what would it be, it doesn't have to be something badass. any power you can thing of, or your favorite. i honestly would pick flying
  13. gene chaos

    doctor who the end of time part 1

    WARNING WHATS IN THIS THREAD WILL BE DISSUCSING WHAT HAPPENED, SO IF YOU DIDN''T WATCH IT THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!! i honestly liked this what completely surpised at the end of it with the whole of time lords wanting to destroy existence. happy to see that the time lords surived since the...
  14. gene chaos

    What would you do?

    YOU have a choice... both you and your best friend are chained down to a metal chair which is blotted to the ground. the only part of your body that you can move is your hand which a gun is taped to your hand. A voice tells you that you can either shot yourself or best friend. there is only...
  15. gene chaos

    Worst way to Die.

    state in your own opinion what you believe what is the worst way to die. in my opinion it would be getting hit with a taxi cab, only cause i have guessed that would be my end.
  16. gene chaos

    Twilight Renaissance// God of 2012

    The date October 1th, 2012. There is little more than 2 months left... before the end of the world. It has been for told that the end of the world is neigh. That through some means that all our advanced technology can not find what causes our...
  17. gene chaos

    If you could be immortal....

    if you could have the option of being absolutely immortal( eg. your head gets cut off, body crushed into paste, yet you reshape and live on) would you accept it. (your about age 22 when you get it and your not about to die). if you did take it what would you do with your immortality? I...
  18. gene chaos

    If you could shoot 1 person who would it be and with what

    i'll kill the crazy guy on my bus who sings about the five mean others, most likely with a simple revolver
  19. gene chaos

    Project Amrazar: childrens freedom

    The Inner Moons corporation is a galactic enterprise that deals all sorts of manner from household pets to bio-logical weapons.The leader of tthis grand enterprise is a nobody who have lived centuries, this story is 280 years for the Kingdom hearts events. The heartless,Nobodies, and Human...
  20. gene chaos

    Fanfiction ► Chain Letters of Drunken Memories(Sequal to KingDumb Hearts)

    O_O that rocks.... the fullmetal one sound great every or nightrain theses will be number one in the box offices