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  1. Urbane

    Australian Classification Says Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is a Modified Version

    Blood that doesn't look like blood. Yep, I know that watching that'd make me turn to a godless life of crime, sin and evil.
  2. Urbane

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Announced at D23 Expo Japan!

    Finally. I am absolutely 100% buying this. So much love. <3
  3. Urbane

    Favorite Organization 13 Member??

    Maybe a cross between Luxord and Demyx. I sincerely hope that we'll get another look at them in the future of the series. They're just too likable to be ignored. At least, I think so. Or, more accurately, hope so.
  4. Urbane

    Hardest Battle for you in KH1?

    Sephiroth. Definitely​ Sephiroth.
  5. Urbane

    Help/Support ► Should I be here?

    important to remember is that there are lots of shenanigans on these forums. when you see shenanigans, just go with the flow. remember, this forum exists basically for fun. so when you see people doing things you might take offense to, just remember that they're in all honesty probably just...
  6. Urbane

    Pewdiepie most likely doing lets play

    is this the guy who yells a lot and tells his fans to insult other youtubers because if so please keep him away from my fanbase kthxbye (seriously i know nothing about this guy other than those two things)
  7. Urbane

    Name your dream eaters

    Meow Wow - Meownidas Komory Bat - Bat Stevens Komory Bat - Alucard Tama Sheep - Sheep Trick Tama Sheep - Lamb Nash Pricklemane - Kimba Hebby Rep - Thin Lizard i have as much fun naming them as i do brutalizing my foes with them ^^
  8. Urbane

    Vacation Time!

    So, I'll post this here for ease of access, I guess. I'm going to be out of town for a week, starting tomorrow, so my internet access will likely be sporadic. If I don't reply to something, that'll be why.
  9. Urbane

    Help/Support ► Death of Pets

    I've only ever had two pets. My first dog died of kidney failure. He was about 10, I think. It's especially sad since my mother works in hemodialysis... We didn't euthanize him, and he passed away next to the side of my parents' bed. I wasn't evrn here for him... I'd been on vacation. My current...
  10. Urbane

    oh whoop de doo another anniversary thread ~

    three more years! three more years! Yeah, it kinda looks like I've been on here for three years now. Yay. *sparklyconfettithrow* It was three years ago I joined the now-infamous Commission. Most of its members no longer come on here, I think. Since then, I've proceeded to do pretty much...
  11. Urbane

    Help/Support ► Tonsiliths

    's some giant stone jaguar teeth. i think thank yous are in order.
  12. Urbane

    Help/Support ► Do black ppl wipe their asses after they take

    When did this guy get unbanned? And, more importantly... why?
  13. Urbane

    Upcoming Harperland Federal Elections (For Canadians)

    Well, as a Canadian, I'm quite worried about... well, the outcome of the elections. Of course, I can't vote... but I'm still very interested in what's going to happen, and I just figure there must be other Canadians on here who share my interest. That said, here's a neat little place for...
  14. Urbane

    Help/Support ► Fatherhood

    So it's finally happening? All I can say is... well, good luck with the rest of your life, broski. Hope things turn out okay for you and... Tyrone.
  15. Urbane

    Avalon: The Elizabethans

    In the nation of Avalon, we find ourselves. The government has made many unpopular decisions, as of late. Heightened taxes for the poor, subjugation of minorities, and the occasional disappearing of political opponents of the ruling party. This situation… people thought that it could lead to...
  16. Urbane

    A bit late... but it's anniversary time.

    Well, it's been about ten days, but I figure I might as well go through with this anyways... seeing as I forgot last year too. That's right, it's the belated celebration of my joining the site. Prepare for incoming shout-outs. First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who was in The...
  17. Urbane

    Fanfiction ► vanitas attack on regular school CNN News rea world fan fic

    yoyoyo thos stroy is better than sliced bread keep it up yo i dig i dig
  18. Urbane

    wu tang goku discussion thread

    so i thought that with the amount of people discussing taylor these days it'd be better if we kept it all in one neat little thread discuss
  19. Urbane

    What do you Think about Xion?

    I consider Xion a pointless plot device, solely. I find it hard to consider her an honest to god character, especially considering the specifics of her character in-game, and every scene she was in... well, it just felt like she was inserted into scenes. It never felt like she had to be there...