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  1. Zero Cerberus

    o hai

    im new hurrrr liek sup. but srs where is everyone.
  2. Zero Cerberus

    i see wut u did thar

    So I was talking to a fellow member about memories of this place, nostalgia ensued, and whomp, here I is.
  3. Zero Cerberus


    ohai. im back, i guess. =|
  4. Zero Cerberus

    Socom : Confrontation

    Does anyone on this forum get a beta code for it? I dont have one, but someone invite if possible. Anyways, probably not many socom players here, but who knows, I haven't touched this forum in a while. In any case, discuss the upcoming release of this, or other past socom games.
  5. Zero Cerberus

    Call of Duty 4

    I haven't seen any thread on this lately so eh. I just picked this up 3 days ago with my ps3 to give it a shot to see how it was. Not bad, I played single player and it took me 2 days of playing it to beat single player. Now I just wanna play online. So anyone play it online? :/
  6. Zero Cerberus

    Socom 2

    Anyone here still play this game? I recently started playing it again after a bunch of friends wanted to remake a gb clan. So whatever, I started playing. Prior to that I played Combined Assault since a school friends play it, but its loaded with assholes, and i'm alright at it, not like an...
  7. Zero Cerberus

    Capture Cards.

    Does anyone know of a good one for me too buy? Thanks in advance.
  8. Zero Cerberus

    Duke Lacrosse Scandal? D:

    Well, they're been cleared. Nifong stated that no rape occurred, and he dropped charges. Hurray. >_> http://www.lax.com/stories/1743 ^Article
  9. Zero Cerberus

    Final Fantasy 3(JAP) / 6(NA) Fanz0rz?

    Any Fans wanna dicuss this game? I just started playing it again, I never beat it, got owned, and stop playing. Now I want to go own Kefka. And my Celes can't use Runic for some odd ass reason, any ideas? Oh and, Sabin + Genji Glove = OWN3D.
  10. Zero Cerberus

    The Witch // Cold Fans Read.

    I'm boq with updates. Well, its been said Scooter is releasing his album in March of net year, and there will be a single on the radio sometime in January. If anyone has not heard of anything Scooter has been cooking up, well, I have pretty much everything they've released to the public. They...
  11. Zero Cerberus

    Wanted: GFX Designer for a Temporary Position on RPG Inferno Team

    Yes, I need a GFX-er for the rpg team for a little while. Why not permanent, well, I won't be needing you for very long. Requirements 1. Some sort of Photoshop 2. At least know how to crop and resize things 3. Positive attitude, if you give me crap, you die (: 4. Some decent grammar, I know...
  12. Zero Cerberus

    The Witch // Cold Fans read.

    Its been a while since Scooter Ward from "Cold" released anthing for his side project called "The Witch", working together with Sam. He released a demo a few days ago, called "My Heart." Its on his myspace page, his, own, personal page, and the Cold page. Now honestly, its not what I expected...
  13. Zero Cerberus


    Ok, I love this band, for those of you that haven't heard of them, listen to them. They're my favorite band of all time. The band isn't really known as much as others, but, they're powerful lyrics puts them as one of the greatest to me. They had a smash single called "Stupid Girl" in 04 or 03 I...
  14. Zero Cerberus


    Does anyone else listen to their stuff? My favorite band of all time. People listen to them when dealing with problems or stuff, they've been there for people. Scooter writes some of the best lyrics of all time, they're just strong. I just can't wait for The Witch tracks to start appearing, see...
  15. Zero Cerberus

    Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon. Advanced Warfighter

    Before we start, I <3 shooters m'kay? Anywhooo Has anyone actually bought this game? I just bought it because I thought it looked cool, even though I hated the last Ghost Recon (Forgot what it was called). I think its a good game, specially if your looking for a new shooter. I'm just playing...
  16. Zero Cerberus

    Socom 3

    It comes out in about a week, bleh, can't effing wait. A know of a lot of friends getting this game to play online with me, its going to be teh hawtness. Anybody on the forums getting it? We might as well meet up or something. Cause im' sure you all want to see my pwnage skills. xD
  17. Zero Cerberus

    Zidane and Vivi ( FF9 ) in KH2?

    Also, isn't that when they meet, "The Bounty Hunter" or whatever his name was in Maidan Sari(sp?). Then Zidane fights him and such. I can't tell, but thats what it looks like.
  18. Zero Cerberus

    Romeo And Juliet

    Ok, I have to read this stuff in English class. We're on like Act 4 I think and well, I think it blows. Its crap to me. I don't know about you guys though, so i'd like your opinion on this book. Thoughts and comments?
  19. Zero Cerberus

    Gavin Rossdale.

    Any Bush fans here? Or any fans of the lead singer, Gavin? Well, I heard Gavin was going to be in a new band, I forgot the name of it, sorry. I think their album is coming out in 2006, I don't know what month, so blah. I heard a clip of a song, and it is awesome. Anybody here this as well?
  20. Zero Cerberus

    Help(Not really) with Xenosaga Episode 2.

    I'm on Albedo, the first one... Well, I don't really need help, I beat him a few times, but like only one character lives and gets the exp. >_< So what did you guys do to beat this guy? What characters and what strategy? >_X