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    Sora's Hearts Theory

    I see, it's just I didn't know that Ven's heart was FUSED with Sora's...is it confirmed that Ven's heart fused with Sora's?!?
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    Sora's Hearts Theory

    But if Ven's heart is inside of Sora, Sora has 3 hearts inside him resulting Sora with 3 nobodies or should I say Kairi's nobody, Ven's nobody and Sora's nobody... Right, thanks
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    Sora's Hearts Theory

    As we know- Sora has three hearts inside him... right? 1) Kairi's heart 2) Ven's heart 3) Sora's heart When Sora unlocked Ven's and Kairi's heart we've seen two Nobodies - Roxas and Namine. This can also explain why Roxas looks like Ven because Ven's heart was unlocked and took Ven's...
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    8 Nobodies

    Yeah and they also don't remember the Mysterious Tower for some reason...When SDG arrived there in KHII they acted as if they have never been there...
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    8 Nobodies

    A little question about the 8 first nobodies in the organization - Do all of them remember TAV? I know that Xemnas, Xigbar and probably Saix remember them, why- because: Xemnas is looking for the room of Awakening in CO Xigbar- talking in puzzles in KHII "You don't look like you're half the hero...
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    Destiny Place

    I've got the feeling that Destiny Place is Aqua and Riku's memories of Kairi... From the events in KH series the way to dual wield is combine with another keyblade wielder (Roxas after Xion's death and absorbs her, Sora when he absorbed Roxas and is in some drive form)
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    Destiny Place

    Probably right^ But I still don't get it why Destiny Place? If he were to meet Aqua after she got DP maybe it would be possible for him to wield it but I haven't seen any videos of Aqua and Riku in BbS
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    Destiny Place

    "and while there are certain unknown reasons as to why Kairi was able to wield it, it is known that it is in part due to the strength of her heart" - KHWikia Now I start to doubt about it myself.... @Samhain I agree that Xehanort's Heartless was in Riku but why would Riku dual wield Way to Dawn...
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    Destiny Place

    I hope it will be explained sometime instead of being a plothole like Iridium said Xehanort has nothing to do with this and instead of being random why not comment something that has something to do with the thread?
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    Destiny Place

    But Nomura stated somewhere that Kairi's heart is strong enough to wield a keyblade ok so even if Kairi can't wield a keyblade, how did Riku end up wielding Destiny Place?
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    Destiny Place

    Probably in the novel... But seriously, why did they have to make Kairi a keyblade wielder?! and if they had to, why was it in such a stupid way? I mean, we've seen this keyblade only once in the game and KAIRI was the wielder of it? I understand that Aqua got this keyblade because Kairi gave...
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    Destiny Place

    I have no idea where to put this but maybe it's still a spoiler... In KHII Riku had the keyblade Destiny Place and handed it to Kairi so my question is, why does Riku have this keyblade and how did he get it?
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    who will star in the next game has been down to 2 characters for a while

    Like some people here said: Xehanort's story wasn't fully covered in BbS so it is still possible the next game will be of young Xehanort but other than that Mickey is probably the next main character with a storyline from his training with master Yen-Sid and until the ending of KHI
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    Kingdom Key

    I haven't seen this thread anywhere so here goes... My main question is WHY Kingdom Key has a Mickey keychain? Sora got the KK during the destruction of Destiny Islands in the beginning of the game and he has seen Mickey only in the end of the game for around...10 seconds? As we know...
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    Terra's conversation with Riku translated?

    From the translation I get the feeling that the boy that left the islands a long time ago was Ventus...
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    Favorite World so Far (Spoilers)

    Radiant Garden and Keyblade Graveyard because they are the coolest worlds in my opinion :P
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    And I thought Axel's story was sad enough...[big spoilers]

    Aqua has the saddest story but I must say that Terra's story is also very sad. Though the good part is that both of them are going to return in the future game and probably reunite (TAV)
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    Question about Aqua

    In the secret ending Aqua was banished to the Dark Realm and she stays there 12 years not aging. My question is - WHY didn't Aqua age? Is it an effect of the Dark Realm or something else? Sorry for posting if this was discussed before...
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    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    Like everyone said, Aqua's ending is the most shocking one and it's sad that she was in the Dark Realm for 12 long years and hasn't aged (BTW why didn't she age? is it an effect of the Dark Realm or something?)
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    Secret ending Questions ( spoilers )

    1) Terra saw Sora playing with Riku on DI and probably Ven too, maybe they want Sora to rescue them? 2) They also want to be saved by the keyblade hero (Sora) 3) Appearently ATW was sent to the dark realm where Aqua is and they also want to be saved by Sora In Jiminy's journal there is a...