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    KH3D Bug Halts Game Progression!

    I believe Nintendo has said they'll release an update that allows patching for retail games. Not sure though. If it CAN be patched, it's not going to be anytime soon. I'm sure it can be patched because even a game on Wii like skyward sword was able to be patched (although it was a very...
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    KH3D Japanese TV Spot (Now with good quality and subs!)

    So many tears ;^; I want this game soon.
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    Sora and Riku's new duds.

    O_O It actually looks cool xD
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    castle of dreams in BBS:V2 possible story....

    Hm... I dont know. It sounds like it'd be a pretty pointless game, actually. I mean, we know the whole story.
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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    NOOO Nomura, NOOOO I know you need to tie up loose story ends, but I'm fine with DDD and KH3 after that D: If you make me buy a PSP2, I will go to SE's headquarters and shoot Nomura, lol XDD
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    KH3D "prelude to the final battle".

    I expect it to be delayed a lot like Days and BbS were. So yeah. 2012 release for us and Japan.
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    Hunchback World Announced: Imagined Music Themes!

    You should freaking make the music for this game along with Yoko. The boss battle theme is amazing!
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    Got the game? Want to share your thoughts? Re:coded impressions thread.

    The gameplay is so amazing :D except for the OC turn based system... I died so many times XD but it's so addicting placing the chips in the menu and unlocking new abilities. Sidequests are rare in KH, glad that they added more :P I'm currently in HB. Having Donald and Goofy do everything for you...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    HOLYFRICKENCRAB Did NOT expect a full announcement of this game w/ a trailer at the conference. And I dint expect such a crappy title. Lol, I'll get used to it. Wow, this trailer is total mindfcuk, but I love it. :D epic gameplay is epic.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3DS Gameplay footage

    <3 3DS Anyone else on 3DSForums.com? Anyways, do you guys seriously think this is gameplay footage or is Nomura still trying to trick us with the whole "demo" thing?
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D being shown to the public in January!

    This Week's Early Flying Get (andriasang.com, 12.20.2010) http://nintendo3dsblog.com/kingdom-hearts-3ds-to-be-shown-off-on-january-18th-at-a-special-event Square Enix will be showing off Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts 3D at what was the FNC conference (now...
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    Minor KH3D details at FNC conference?

    I doubt it. The game isn't close to being finished. :/
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    Is anyone getting bored of BBS?

    Haven't played in about a month, but I'm replaying on Proud, so... not bored yet. :P I'm trying to get 100% this time too. And actually beat MF this time. Hopefully.
  14. Reconnection

    Average age of KHI members?

    Hm... I'm wondering about this. I saw a thread like this on the Mugglenet forums, but on a KH forum... Seems like it'd be interesting. Ok, let's find out! Voting time! WOO.
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    Anyone Sick Of KH1 Themes?

    KH3D probably wont have KH1 themes because it most likely has to do with the Mark of Mastery... which means KH2 clothes :P Remember, what we saw at E3 was only a test demo.
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    Nintendo Power Scans

    I just got the Subscriber's edition. The cover is extremely sexeh. :P
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    What's the big problem with KH2 plot wise

    KH1: Disney worlds have points CoM: Disney worlds to progress castle Days: Less Disney BbS: Disney worlds have points KH2: TOTAL DISNEY FILLER :D
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    3DS... DATA SORA AGAIN... or Sora and Riku's MOM exam

    It's official. Sora's mom will be the main character. She will fight with the power OF DINNER. :L
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    Kingdom Hearts: Move

    *imagines KH3 with Move* Gross, no. But lol, Strike Raid would be hilarious. *controller breaks* "Whoops, I think I wasnt supposed to throw it!"
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    Kingdom Hearts:BBS Worldwide sales

    Yeah, i dont want another Twilight Princess waggle-fest, but the shotlock wouldve been done amazingly :P