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  1. Sora^Fan

    Wondernyan Plushie now on JP Square Enix Online shop!

    Re: Wondernyan Plushie now on Square Enix Online shop! Any word if this adorable thing will be released in the US?
  2. Sora^Fan

    Meow Wow Plush

    Hi peeps! This is my first time posting anything so I'm not sure how this works but here's to taking risks :'3 I have been absolutely in love with Meow Wow ever since I saw him in the demo! Something about that round, fluffy and just lovable thing got to me :redface: So when I learned that a...
  3. Sora^Fan

    Resident Evil Movies

    So clearly we have all seen Afterlife and seen that a sequel is very likely. Rumors have been going around that the next film could possibly be a reboot of the series so my questions are: What would you guys like to see in the next movie? And can we ever have a RE movie without Milla Jovovich...
  4. Sora^Fan

    did you notice Xion's magic?

    She always use Fire and a random Ice cast here and there... but I never saw her casting Aero or Thunder for that matter lol
  5. Sora^Fan

    FFVII Hurt/Heal

    Just thought it would be fun. ^.^ Rules: 1) As always..don't double post. 2) Limit: Screw that! Yaay for limitless! ^ .^ Here we go! ^.^ Cloud Strife: 10 Tifa Lockhart: 10 Aeris Gainsborough: 10 Barret Wallace: 10 Yuffie Kisaragi: 10 Vincent Valentine: 10 Red XIII: 10 Cid Highwind: 10 Cait...
  6. Sora^Fan

    Coded Coming to NA?

    Yeah...it's a trick you see on the market everyday..tricking people into thinking the are paying less when in fact the are paying the same amount or even more haha
  7. Sora^Fan

    What struck you as odd?..

    The fact that nobody has slapped Kairi for being so useless XD Like seriously, I would have done it ages ago haha
  8. Sora^Fan

    Guys of KH Hurt/Heal

    Ok, I noticed that we are in need of a guy Hurt/Heal so I created this. ^.^ You all know by now how this works so I won't bother you with a long introduction. Rules: The rules are basically the same..however, me and hanglulu came up with a new rule so that the game won't drag on for too long...
  9. Sora^Fan

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    I agree with you, nice to see that there is still people with manners.... OMG, they are truly awesome!!!! ^.^ Thank you!
  10. Sora^Fan

    Hidden Meaning??

    Ok, I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before but I was playing KHII and I noticed that Xehanort spells "No Heart" when arranged....do you guys think that this has a purpose? or is it merely coincidence? Again, sorry if this has been mentioned before.
  11. Sora^Fan

    Worth it?

    Plus, some of the Sleights were actually very cool looking! ^.^
  12. Sora^Fan

    Kh parody script part 4

    Hehe, funny. ^.^ But this is the wrong place ^.^
  13. Sora^Fan

    Will BBS get censored?

    Does anybody else find that statement a little ironic? XD
  14. Sora^Fan

    Will BBS get censored?

    It probably will be censored. They did quite a few of them on KHII so it wouldn't surprise mr if they did...what I don't get is why the would do such a thing? Is American society supposed to be used to violence? How come they censored it here but they don't do that in Japan? :O
  15. Sora^Fan

    Worth it?

    It an a good game, really. Once you get used to the card system, the game pretty much plays as a normal KH. ^.^ Plus, you get to fight the Organization members that were absent on KHII in 3D! lol Definitely worth it.
  16. Sora^Fan

    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    I you are talking about story then yes..I would go so far as to say that Days had a more solid story than KHII...but if you are talking about graphics...well, then KHII wins there XD
  17. Sora^Fan

    best keyblade against Xion?

    I really thought that her third form was quite difficult. She kept doing that spinning combo and she would kill me and just when I was about to kill her she healed ALL of her HP >:I
  18. Sora^Fan

    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    I agree with you, you would think that Nomura would have mixed the story better then that lol then again, when you are a fan that doesn't stop you from playing it lol XD
  19. Sora^Fan

    How does BBS rank with the other Kingdom Hearts games

    Well, I haven't really played it but I'm just gonna assume here: 1) KHI 2) BBS 3) KHII 4) CoM/Re:Com 5) Days 6) Coded BBS looks like a great game lol
  20. Sora^Fan

    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    How can you say that? Yes, it kind of had a cliche story but if KH had somethig, anything at all..it was that "strong emotional punch" you find to be lacking..that's what makes KH such a great game..the emotional appeal.