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  1. Z

    Release dates for kingdom hearts 2

    I dont care...winter 2005 suits my fancy just fine.
  2. Z

    is da king going to be one of your party members?

    Well, if the whole Riku being playable fiasco is true...maybe he will be in Riku's party...just an opinion.
  3. Z

    Is E3 Tomorow?!?

    Yes...its on G4Tech TV. They are doing the pre-show stuff today and tomorrow, I think. E3 starts on the 18th and ends on the 20th, I believe. Oh, this has been covered already...oops.:D
  4. Z

    *Jack Sparrow Confirmed!*

    Yay!!!....now we have two Jacks in one game. Yeah, and Im also hoping that the Pirates of the Carribean will just be a mini-gamish world.
  5. Z

    what happened to tidus, wakka,n' selphie?

    Yeah, they kind of lead you along to think it's Tidus, because when you talk to him he talks about losing his parents and stuff...or something similar to that.
  6. Z

    post yer least fav world in kh

    I dont know what you guys are talking about...I know its everyones opinions, I loved Halloween Town and Hollow Bastion. Now for the world I hated it would have to be Atlantica...I hated swimming and Ursula.
  7. Z

    Xx my very weird thread! xX

    The Mulan picture is in the Reed Forest, outside of the military training camp...at least I think thats were it was in the movie.
  8. Z


    Umm...I believe the bottom of Traverse Town is Merlin's house actually. I can go check, but I think I am correct.
  9. Z

    New Info on the Organization!

    Okay kero, sorry about my abrupt answer, I only know a Chakra as a bladed disc thrown at an opposing force, Axel uses his weapons like Chakra, Im just talking about what I know, I call them Chakra and thats what I think they are. Other people are of course going to have opposing views, like you...
  10. Z

    New Info on the Organization!

    There is not much that I can explain, I just called them Chakra because well...they looked like Chakra, and Axel wields them like they are Chakra, but they might be a complete different kind of weapon, Ive also heard that Axel has named them but...thats about it.
  11. Z

    New Info on the Organization!

    Just to tell you incase you do not know, the type of weapons Axel wields are called Chakra. Just felt like pointing that out, but you guys probably already knew that.