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  1. Hinamizawa Syndrome


    Just what the title says. <333 KHI desperately needed one of these. Dir En Grey = LOVE!!! MEMBERS: Systematic Chaos
  2. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Your Favorite ► Favorite Typos

    I can't believe I forgot to remake this thread. DX Anyway, the title is pretty much self-explanatory. Have you recently made a typo which you found to be quite funny? Or maybe you've seen one somewhere that you like? The most memorable one I remember was a few years back. One of my friends...
  3. Hinamizawa Syndrome


    Well, here it is!!! <3 The title is self-explanatory! MEMBERS: Systematic Chaos Paoupu Girl The Liberator Nazo Fire Clone Crimson Crashing
  4. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    The Official Theme Song Thread!

    Continuing from my "Give any anime/video game/etc. character a THEMESONG!" thread. This includes KH & FF characters. .___. Ruri (Lithium Flower) : Evanescence - Tourniquet Kiba (Wolf's Rain) : Godsmack - I Stand Alone Wolfgang Grimmer (Monster) : Bullet For My Valentine - Waking The Demon
  5. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    What anime are you watching at the moment?

    Anime: I'm currently re-watching Monster. Manga: I'm reading Diabolo, again. I can't seem to get enough of this one!
  6. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Your favorite word! <3

    Another remake. Paradox Blasphemy Tomfoolery Aesthetic Diptheria Those are only a very few of the words I like! ^^
  7. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Have You Ever...?

    Version 3 of the "Have You Ever?" thread, because I promised Kay that I would keep HYE alive... But you guise need to help me, because it's absolutely NO fun if only one person plays. ;_; Have you ever named a character of yours after a band? (Lol, I have... because I am such a MUSICFAG!!!)
  8. Hinamizawa Syndrome


    Continuation of the "Yell What You Want!" thread. GREAT! WHERE THE HELL DO I FIND A GIRL NAMED BOB, IN JUST 24 HOURS!!!???
  9. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Your favourite quote from ANYWHWERE! (Part III)

    Pretty much self-explanatory. "Okay. I dare you to find a woman named Bob. You have 24 hours to do so." ~ My friend Devon, to me.
  10. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    I'm leaving KHI on Friday! Dx

    No, not forever! I'll only be gone for a couple of weeks, at the most! Three days, at the least... I don't yet know whether or not my relatives have wireless, but I will honestly try and get on sometime while I'm on vacation... via a hotel, or an internet cafe'. But until then, I will miss you...
  11. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Hayao Miyazaki Fanclub

    I saw one other thread like this in FI, but it was ancient... Anyways, just as the title suggests, this is a fanclub for Miyazaki and his beloved films, which we all adore! My personal favorite is Spirited Away. I can watch it a million times, and not grow tired of it! Plus, Haku's a cutie! ^^...
  12. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Give any anime/video game/etc. character a THEMESONG!

    ...BESIDES those from KH and FF. There are other threads out there for them. Kiba (Wolf's Rain) : Godsmack - I Stand Alone Rao (Okami) : Pussycat Dolls - Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me? (Really don't like this song, but hey! She was hawt!) Hoshiyomi (Inuyasha) : Disturbed -...
  13. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Picture of Aqua

    God dammit! Here I was hoping I'd find some brand new pictures of Aqua... not some shitty edited picture of stupid Kairi.
  14. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Dark Cloud

    I've seen a few threads on this, but they were all extremely old, and I didn't feel like bumping any of them. Anyway, this is one of the best (and also one of the most underrated) games I've ever played! Xiao (the cat kid) was one of my favorite characters; she was my strongest ally for pretty...
  15. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Isn't Marluxia amazing!?

    He does have a Japanese voice actor, but no English one.
  16. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Help/Support ► Burn

    That reminds me of a song...I wish I could remember which one, though... :/ The worst thing about my accident was the fact that the candy had sort of molded onto my burned finger, almost like cooling lava. X__X
  17. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Help/Support ► Burn

    ^Ouch, NU! I've done the same thing while we were boiling cinnamon candy for candied apples. I'll never try that again. >.>
  18. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    ***///OKAMI FC\\\***

    I'm surprised there isn't one of these yet... So I went ahead and made one! Join 'round, fellow Okami fans!!! Personally, I love this game more than Kingdom Hearts. *glances out of the window and sees an angry mob of KH fans with torches and pitchforks...and keyblades.* But - but KH is a close...
  19. Hinamizawa Syndrome

    Favourite Typos xD

    Do you have a favorite typo that you would like to share? I can't think of any of my own at the moment, but my friend from another forum has one from one of his stories: "Shoput" (T'was supposed to be "shout".) It was epic lulz at that forum for quite a while after that. ^^