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    Theory: I believe the DS is the alpha and omega, no one else.

    Dude no offence to you at all. I'm sure it took you a while to work out and its most likely better than something I could cook up but... WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! THE!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know where to start with the flaws of that theory. 1st- WHAT THE F*CK 2nd- The whole thing...
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    What is with the letter at the end?

    Dude EVERYBODY knows the BBS is in the past, so of course theres gonna be another game after Kh2. But the letter i have no idea it must be the king either thanking them for saiving the world and blah blah blah OR its the king asking for them to come to the castle to tell them about some new kind...
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    Has anyone gotten BBS on Standard Mode?

    No on standard u dont need to do the gummi ships. I did it without doing the gummi ship mission thingy's. XD YAY ME!
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    I am gonna import it but i need help

    DUDE, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF EBAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I live in australia and I found a KHII:FM+ for about 20 bucks (AU dollars), AS WELL AS a swap magic thing for about 5! I'm importing as well so I worked a bunch of this out the other day, yay! XD
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    Name: WouldntyouliketoknowX Weapon: The Wooden Spoon Blade (lol) Power: Controls cute little fluffy bunnies with razor sharp teeth/claws. Nickname: They haven't given me one yet they just run like little girls. Ambition: To grind people to powder so I can put them in my cake mixes. THEN EAT...
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    The answer to Aqua,Terra,Ven (I think)

    officially the worst theory ever... but free speech is allowed so i got no beef with u
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    There is an actual difference for roxas

    Yea dude its just better quality in their figure and stuff, they just had more time to make finishing touches than they did in normal kh2
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    UEM pic... help me out please

    is there really any point to this??? XD
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    How Many Can You Take!

    or 1 000 000, each with an equal amout of one Heartless and Nobody, all of them had 2 bars and no reaction commands and sh!t like that. Solo fighting too. that would be a big bitch with same music as above. sorry 4 re-postin
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    How Many Can You Take!

    I rekon 1000 Invisibles and 1000 Sorcerer Nobodies with no reaction commands (there isnt any anyway) and my battle music would be "Seven Deadly Sins" from Flogging Molly, that would be kickass
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    unless they come on later and then they probably will
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    lol i dont think anybody is gonna answer you mate LMAO... sorry
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    Why is there no nobodies in castle oblivion on COM

    Yea u would think that Org. 13 would count as nobodies
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    i rekon it was there already but it was deserted for some reason. then the Organization took over the castle and everything.
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    Let's make up a story for Namine...

    anyone mind telling me wats the point of this?
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    Vexen II Glitch Help?

    LMFAO..........no one replied except me. looks like ur stuffed kos i have no idea
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    lol he got absorbed, what kinda girly death is that???
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    KH2 FM+ release

    I hope ( and doubt ) they will bring it out in australia but im still keepin em' up
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    So about Import FM+........

    Im in australia, and thinkin of importin it but would i have to get one of those mod discs or sumthin?
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    Why Khfm+ in europe and america

    I HIGHLY doubt it but I want Kh:fm+ to come out in australia and cant u get like translator discs or sumthin to let u play games from other countries?