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    Birth by sleep intentions and fates

    Not exactly. Riku, Mickey, and Sora are all keyblade masters however Kairi wielded a keyblade for like ten seconds in Kh2, which makes her a wielder. In the most literal sense of the word that is. She wielded it, but she's not a Master. I don't believe anybody said BBS was fan fictionish, just...
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    My Xion Theory (Makes sense!)

    Didn't see the last line of that post till I hit quote, but yes this pretty much is utter nonsense. And no offense, but if Xion being a Japanese Demon and Riku being a member of a cult trying to revive her is the MOST logical conclusion you could come to, then methinks you need to massively hone...
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    main transport at bbs

    XD Reading this just made me laugh, gotta say. Haha. You're right though. Honestly, I hope it's something other than randomly flying through the sky shooting down "unbirth" ships. I mean come on now. Heartless don't think, they act on instinct, yet they can somehow manage to fly ships? Oh i'm...
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    Ven backwards

    I actually really like the way Ven holds his keyblade. Not only does it help with fighting as FinalDisney said, but it should make for a unique style of gamplay, and while you'll be pressing the same buttons as Terra and the other character, it may have a different feel due to how he holds his...
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    ds low quality

    Agreed 100%. I've been playing DS for a while now and there have been games that try to do the whole 3D thing and from the ones i've played, this game looks like it's done the best job doing that. If anybody's played Zelda Phantom Hourglass, you'll know what i'm talking about. The graphics in...
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    main transport at bbs

    See, I actually hope there's a new way aside from Gummi Ships in BBS. Only because well, the Gummi Ships were kinda cool and all, but after a while, they got kinda tiring. Mind you, the upgrade from Kh1 to Kh2 in how you used them and what not was awesome, and needed for sure. But I just don't...
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    Shion & Sora

    Yeah, i'm going to have to get on Suffering Angel and MF29's side on this one Yannis. I mean. You've posted a couple of good theories since i've known you on the forums. But this one is just ridiculous, i'm sorry to say. I mean, like MF said, when have we EVER heard of something like this...
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    That's quite an interesting observation. For some reason I skipped over or didn't see that part. Plus there are four question marks (and yes this may sound stupid) but it might be one for every letter in the name. Xion. Just a thought. It'd be pretty sweet and at the same time confusing with two...
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    I thought of that too. With either way, he'd have reason to believe it's fake. Well I'm not entirely sure Riku knew that Roxas was Sora's nobody at the beginning of their encounter. At least, he was unsure of whether he was or not. Because if he knew he was Sora's nobody then the question "Why...
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    Very true, but showing us a key other than her real one would be fine save for the fact that Riku commented on it. I mean, sure he could be referring to the fact that she's wielding a keyblade period. That she can't, therefore it's fake, but assuming he's talking about WHAT key he sees she has...
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    Hm. I'm not so sure about that. Because I mean. They revealed more spoiler-ish things (as you said) than what key she used. The fact she USES a keyblade is pretty darn spoilerific. I don't think at that point they'd bother hiding the keyblade. And especially if it was the KK, then Riku would...
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    Ask Nomura:KH:BBS Style

    ^^^^ Insane amounts of QFT here. I'd have to say I agree with you on the question asked. Release date. Then I could patiently (maybe?) wait for the game's release and play through it all on my own.
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    Eye Color and Height

    Oh my. First post in many many moons. =o Very nice thread. Though they're just screwing everybody's mind over with that eye color thing. o.O; Hrm. This Terra Xehanort business has had me stumped for a while. Like the whole wanting to be Master thing. He says he doesn't care about being Master...
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    I found some cut scenes that are starting to bug me

    1. It was hinted at that Roxas has a heart throughout Kh2 in a few ways. a. The fact that he showed emotion in general and felt pain for his friends when he was in the Data TT. b. How he got angry and could actually say that he "hated" DiZ. c. If he were a nobody, how could he...
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    Does this grind your gears too?

    Okay. So. This is my first thread in Forum Insanity, and I wasn't sure of course where a thread like this one would go, so I put it here. The point of this is to get your opinion on the following: People poking fun at, bashing, and ridiculing people who still like things like Pokemon or Power...
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    Ven, a memory? A thought that I had...

    I agree with this for the most part, but I wish to add this as a possibility. What if not only Ven's memory, but his heart was put in Sora for some reason. Now. When Sora stabbed himself, Ven's heart, not having it's own vessel to go to, attached itself to the only vessel without a heart that's...
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    BBS Destiny Isands

    I would have to say that this isn't so much theory as it is a random thought. I mean. Even if they did, it would have nothing to do with the main story.
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    New 358/2 Days -HQ-SCANS!!

    Shyes. I cannot wait. Wasn't Japan supposed to get 358 this summer sometime? Hopefully NA won't be too far behind. =D! Especially since the DS cards are universal. ^.^ ((Gosh I haven't been on in forever. x.o;)
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    What Character do you think will be in 358/2?

    Alll of the Org. Riku DiZ Mickey Random world characters XIVth member Not Kairi. D= We can all hope can't we?
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    bbs in england

    o.o; Grammmmarrrrrrr. x.x; That aside, it most likely will, but like Girlz said, if it doesn't, you can just import. That's the glory of PSP and DS games being universal.