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    Fanfiction ► Students of Balamb High

    It is really cool and funny. I love this fic!
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    Fanfiction ► *Sparks* [Now a fic]

    Awsome update. This is the best fic ever.
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    She was so freakin hot!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Pyromaniac - Axel

    Make it a good one. I hate school it needs to die!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► The Great Keyblade War *Part 1*

    Wow that is like the best chapter ever made. lol
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    Fanfiction ► kingdom hearts 3

    That was pretty good. It needs a lot more action though.
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    Fanfiction ► *Sparks* [Now a fic]

    I have only 1 word for this Fanfic... sweet!!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Endurence

    Very intersting Never4Gotten... got to read
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    Were do I drive lvl

    5 words... Wrong place for this topic
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    how do you get the goddess of fate cup???

    After the fight at memorries skyscraper with xamnes and this is seriously in the wrong place.
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    ugliest Organization member?

    Marluxia becuase he lloks like a girl wearin some freakin lipstick. Its like... Marluxia:Hey come let me ive you a kiss Axel Axel:Get away fag boy!! Marluxia:Meanie *crys and runs away* Axel:loser
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    what is your most hated keyblade

    Hidden dragon cause the MP rage sucks. And the photon debuger because its just plain stupid.
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    the crossroads in COM and the 3 knights

    So old its not even funny.
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    Fanfiction ► Pyromaniac - Axel

    This is one of the best fan fics i've read in a while. Keep up the good job and great chapter.
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    what is it there?

    Atlantic is like the stupidest world in the game. I personally hated it because it was easy, and the keyblade you get sucks.
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    ultima keyblade

    This is in the wrong place. And there is only 7 orichulum + in the game. To get the goddess of fate cup you have to beat Xemnas at merory skyscraper.
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    Is this in the game?

    Ya they took it out. I was lookin forward to fightin in the castle again.
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    A couple of things that confused me....

    Yes they dropped it from the game.
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    Final Form?

    I got mine in tron yesterday. All my drives are 7.
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    Where did you first go into "Final" mode?

    Me and my friend did the exact same thing at the same time in tron and we both got final. It was really weird.