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    Johnny Yong Bosch as Zexion?

    Liam o' brien has played many roles: Lezard Valeth for Valkyrie profile 2, Ingway for odin sphere, Gaara in the naruto games (probably the anime as well), and many others.
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    Johnny Yong Bosch as Zexion?

    LIAM O' BRIAN For Zexion DEFINATELY!!!! he is awesome.... Listen to one of his best roles In Valkyrie Profile 2: YouTube - Valkyrie Profile 2 - Lezard's Boss & Game Over Quotes YouTube - Valkyrie Profile 2 - Lezard's Boss 2 Missing Opening Quote YouTube - Valkyrie Profile 2 - Lezard Ingame...
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    A Detailed Look and Analysis of MX's Power..

    I think DS and Mx's KH are Separate Manifestations....One he uses for protection...the other he uses for power. okay let us stop arguing who is colour blind and get back on topic.
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    A Detailed Look and Analysis of MX's Power..

    Well he maybe right..... When in the wrold of chaos in Kh1 the Heartless symbol on the flor was that same shade (probably a bit darker) of blue.....riku wore blue and read when he was in his dark armour as well....so he MAY be right qbout this one. Dude there is a coulour for that .....it;s...
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    Drawing of Xion from Someone at TGS. *Spoilers, I guess*

    Could be the reason for the Who am I line in the trailer
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    Secret endings.......NOT A THEORY OF THE ONES WE HAVE!!!!

    Do you think all of the games will have secret endings? If so will we need to unlock them or just be like CoM and have them play right after the credits no matter what you do(in the case of the GBA version anyway) I know they wil lead up to KH3 (if they do put them in there) but will the be the...
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    If sonic wasn't "hip" enough

    Sonic | Facebook I got nothing to say here aprt from (Facepalm.)
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    Dream a little Dream - Unbirth theory

    I like this theory....I like it even more with all this evidence presented. NOw to see if this pans out.
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    DK∑7313 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Trailer Breakdown

    Or maybe Terra lies to them saying he hasn;t but when they do he has no choice but to use the dark powers. Thus maybe after the battle VAT have a falling out...then Ven too distraught over this asks to be erased. (just a random idea).
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    A Meaning Behind "Unbirth"

    Could be true...but could also not be true.
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    Who are you Xion?

    If what you said was true soren why would namine want to meet her if she created Xion? This whole universe is screwed up so anything cn happen. So the former theory could prove true.
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    BBS Bosses

    HEy wait not all disney dragon are long necked Don;t forget pete's dragon never mind About fighting Hades on that chariot I like that idea. hmmmm I see in my faux crystal ball.....Sephiroth for no dang reason at all Or even better Feffiroth FEFFIROFF by ~Ansemaru on deviantART
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    Pete the Big oaf.

    I was discussing things with The Enchanted in the BBS bosses thread when someone mentioned if pete might be a boss. This got me thinking as to why pete would be here in hte first place. I knew that mickey was gone training with yensid at the time. If he was king at the time (which i am not...
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    BBS Bosses

    I can see ven on top of cinderella's carriage fightin an unbirth boss. on the wild trip home (so the crriage is being chased by the calvary and Ven is on top dodging branches (with a reaction command if they are in there) while fighting an unbirth boss who is there to stop cinderella getting home.
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    BBS Bosses

    Or i bet We might have to do a shot lock mini game and try to prevent the carriage from being destryed by an unbirth boss.
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    BBS Bosses

    LOL i just had a thought...AVT might fight their present equivalents....ok maybe not aqua unless nomura sees kairi becoming a fighter in future. BUt with my dream of the future v and T might fight sora and riku.
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    BBS Bosses

    I wonder if Jaq mouse will be like an ally (like donald) or someone who helps you from the sidelines (like phil in the hydra fight) in the lucifer fight....If he is like an ally how will he fight.
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    BBS Bosses

    hmmmm this is just a rondom i dea but ven might for some reason (a dream of the future or something) might fight sora (kh1 r 2 sora) or something (if this ven being sora and whatever theory turns out to be true) let us not get into a discussion about this.
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    BBS Bosses

    MIGHT have not had his King status yet....MIGHT.....we don't know. And pete turning to evil may have inlcuded what i stated before. but let us stop this and get back to bosses.
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    BBS Bosses

    Well mickey was king at the time but pete by himself probably couldnt have taken Mickey on at the time (thus why he was making an army for maleficent to help him conquer the worlds and rule disney castle.) Not to mention that if he did mange to defeat mickey...he would have had minnie donald...