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    Is the romantic love real? And if it is, what's so special about it?

    Romantic love is a sacrament. This is a tremendous energy, breaking through from the unknown and unpredictable depths of the unconscious, that is, from that part of our personality that we do not see, understand, and cannot explain with simple common sense. Like a love potion, it captivates us...
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    What's your dominant hand

    I don’t know which hand I dominate, in childhood I did everything with my left hand, then at school I was forced to write with my right hand. I remember how uncomfortable I was. Now, if I need to do something with power, I do it with my left hand. And everything else is right handed.
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    How do you like your Coffee?

    A year ago, I drank coffee in liters. Literally. At least 6 cups died per day. Is the client tired of nerves? i am pouring a cup of coffee Wake up early in the morning? Again, the morning begins with coffee. More precisely, from the fact that I feed cats. And then coffee. With candy. Some...