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    was kingdom hearts 2 a let down compaired to kingdom hearts?

    I have to agree with you almost 100% Honestly. I mean it completely lost its emotion since KHI. For one when Kairi met up with Sora for the first time in (I guess a year or so..?) all she did was like. "hey, how's it going? good good" Like they only just saw eachother the day before. The only...
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    Picture of Anti-Sora in Timeless River?

    XD imagine an old fashion-seriously cartoony-anti sora! lol I bet its just a little different..but still it makes me laugh. Sorry, no pic. I never changed into anti sora while in timeless river..
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    Xenmas Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all you have to do is press X and Triangle at the same time really fast for awhile. if you do that flawlessly you wont even get hit once.
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    about anti-form

    I like anti for its speed and attacks. but the problem is you take damage 50% easier. so you risk dying more than usual. I turned into anti while fighting the one guy with the katars (forgot his name they're kinda confusing ^_^;;) Anyways, I was SO CLOSE TO DYING! because i couldnt heal and the...
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    Fanfiction ► Walking this Road .........(Autobiography)

    oh shut up rayne, he isnt doing this to entertain you okay. You dont understand cause you werent there so lay off it. If you dont like it, then dont read it. and next time try some "constructive" critisizm instead (sorry being rude I just dont like ppl insulting my friends or their work)
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    Fanfiction ► Walking this Road .........(Autobiography)

    So far so good, all I can say is CONTINUE!! and no you didnt bore me lol. so yea...toodles for now
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    Fanfiction ► Flying on the Wings Of Destiny (please read!)

    Thats awesome moonshine, good work. You gotta continue it!! or else!! DUN DUN DUN *hand is on pistol* j/k j/k. but good job ^^
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    Kagome or Kikiyo

    When it comes to Inuyasha and the girl of his choice, would you rather see him with Kagome, or Kikiyo?
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    Kingdom hearts logic too hard for children?

    Well, I don't know about too hard, but the story might be too confusing...but hey some kids dont play for the story they just play for the battles so i guess it doesnt matter..
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    Who are you most like?

    I am most like a sora/kairi/riku mix but in appearance i look most like Aeris
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    Sora and Kairi

    I completely agree with you I am a huge s/k fan too ^_^
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    Sora and Kairi

    That poen is my signature ^_^ and i believe it is DEFINETELY talking about sora and kairi, i am almost possative, it just is...lol
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    Anybody concerned about the voice actors?

    All i know is that it si confirmed that Haley Joel Osment IS going to be sora..I may be wrong but i am REALLY sure
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    my bhk theory: hasnt been shot down yet

    The red haired girl you mentioned is kairi, there is no other red haired girl other than kairi, and i know ti am right because Nomura said that the red haired girl is kairi, maybe you were thinking of namine, who has blondish hair
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    Do you think BHK will remain nameless?

    yes alter personalities do have names, and i have heard of them having names before too, although nothing comes to mind lol
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    Bhk Greatest Theroy Ever !!!!!!!

    namine was never on destiny islands she placed that "fake" memory in sora's mind
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    Worst thing

    haveing any main characters die, the story being to confusing to understand, pirates of the caribean looking like crap(animation graphics) umm, and having sora actiong like a totally different person(sora's too good of a guy in KH1 to change his personality, but he can be more mature i guess)...
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    Theory regarding Sora and the crown...

    Nomura i think, would not make them brother and sis, its just wrong..lol. but i think your on to something with him being a prince, just not a prince of hollow bastion, he only recognised HB because kairi's heart was in him, but i understand your theory
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    what dissapointed you about kh2.

    from the trailers i can say what is going to be dissapointing to me..first of all i think Nomura might have made the game to confusing for me lol ^_^ guess ill have to pay EXTRA attention, and another thing is sora looks different in the trailers and he doesnt seem to be the same ole sora...
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    Which side would u do first

    Thats easy, I would do the sora's side first for a couple reasons: 1) because the story would be too confusing if you didn't play sora's story first 2) because i think sora's story would be better 3) because we dont know enough about the BKH to understand his story yet (# 1 & 3 are kinda the...