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    Why does it matter?

    Of course, Sora and Riku were originally designed to be gay. But Disney weren't too impressed with that idea so Kairi was created.
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    Chain of memories???

    As people have stated, he wasn't actually there, Sora's Memory meets OXIII's mind games. That's all.
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    Little help please

    Even though it was on Re:CoM, here's what I made my deck as: Attack, Attack, Cure: this is so you can stock them, making your Cures virtually unbreakable After a few of those, another 3 Cure. Elixir/Potion/Ether Zero Attack cards, a few of these. This makes it easy to find your 0 cards to break...
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    Isn't Marluxia amazing!?

    Seconded. He looked like a 70's reject in CoM, a bit better in Re:CoM but still, lame..... Oh, and Obscured Fire, you never saw Zexion die. Even in Re:CoM (to my knowledge)
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    Really quick answer on swap magic

    Google it. I don't think eBay can sell them anymore, but I might be wrong.
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    Jin from Samurai Champloo is...

    Yeah, this is old news, the Saix fanboy in me found it out a while back. Though I don't like that Samurai thing.... And, Quinton Flynn (Axel) has my birthday ^_^
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    tips needed

    That is, having Glide on LV3..... Ideally, you'd want the other abilities up too. But, yeah, as has already been stated. Take your time with the posters to work on it, so you know your route.
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    Sephiroth. Is he PWN'able!?

    OK, to save me typing a lot again, here's my help I gave on another forum:
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    I beat him a few times. He is tough but can be done. Loads of times I got him down to 1 HP then couldn't pull off a finisher though. Don't know why, he just breaks my combo whenever he likes....
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    KH TCG

    Hi, my apologies if this has already been asked, but is there any plan to create a sub-forum here for the Kingdom Hearts TCG? I personally feel it has a place here, which as I've just thought about what I typed, is so blindingly obvious I feel a little silly for saying it. I am an active...
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    Really quick answer on swap magic

    Swap Magic is basically a boot disc that lets you play imports/"backup" games for the PS2
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    E.S. Fight

    Agreed. Plus Swap Magic voids no warranties
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    Seemed to hit a mental block....

    Right, all that's left is getting 10,000 points on the Titan Paradox Cup. Any help? Don't say Peter Pan, it only gets me around 7000 maximum....
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    Seemed to hit a mental block....

    Thanks, I've done the Mushrooms now ^_^ I heavily underestimated "mash the Square button" in the one at Yen Sid's..... Oh, and I've done all the Cups, but I need to reach the points quota on those two.
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    Seemed to hit a mental block....

    I know this game is old news now, but I decided to "finish" it a few weeks back. However, the things I have left to do I am having great difficulty with: 1300 points in (Cerberus?) Paradox Cup 10000 points in (Titan?) Paradox Cup Mushrooms I, VIII and IX (I have looked at the guides and...
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    Moogle Points

    I know about hitting things, but I meant a faster way, it's still too slow really....
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    Moogle Points

    Thanks, I'll try that....
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    Moogle Points

    Any easier way to earn these? It just doesn't seem worth hours of repetitive fighting to get just a couple of packs....
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    Timeless River

    Can anyone help with the Mushroom here, I use Final Form with Berserk Combo on it but can never get any faster than 23 seconds
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    Hi, I'm new here, though not to KH..... I'm 20, have a tattoo of the Organization XIII symbol (shall be extended with twilight thorn bolt things etc) and a life size Heartless Keyblade (Riku's in KH1, but mine has a silver guard, not red)