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  1. bleachmagic

    A ReDraw of Kingdom Hearts concept art

    So after seeing the old artwork of Kingdom Hearts one particular piece caught my attention, the Chernabog fight so much so that i decided to color it. But after i started i decided to update Sora, Donald, and Goofy's designs to match their current outfits, i then decided to share it with...
  2. bleachmagic

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread Anyone think leonard nimoy will return for master xehanort?
  3. bleachmagic

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    After watching this wonderful trailer i have put together a few points that everyone may have some interest in knowing 1.the glowing red eyed thing in the org 13 coat is more than likely vanitas(since the other van we saw appears to not be real) 2.master xehanort seems to be rebuilding...
  4. bleachmagic

    Project mushroom kingdom hearts

    Hi For the past 2 1/2 years or so i have been modifing super smash bros brawl through the use of homebrew and such into a kh game for the wii(since face it guys were not getting it)and i have gotten to the final development stages of the project but ive hit a snag I cant find a replacement for...
  5. bleachmagic

    Nomura interview!

    Damn should have thought of a theory for this particular kh game i did for bbs and was almost deadon i made one mistake tho... Anyway im more interested in the new worlds i dont think they will put any disney worlds based on tv shows in just because of the fact that they are just that tv shows...
  6. bleachmagic

    kh bbs add on content

    OK now i was wondering do you think after kh bbs fm comes out in japan they will make all the added stuff available to America through download?, because personally i felt the announcement of bbs fm was a huge kick in the face to America.
  7. bleachmagic


    i also think it would be sora you know like a kh2 sora for ven,kh2 riku for terra and kairi for aqua (lol)
  8. bleachmagic

    lea and saix

    i found this picture recently and thought i should show it http://www.kh-vids.net/photoplog/file.php?n=940&w=o its a viewers interpretation of the new trailer and srry if this has already been posted
  9. bleachmagic

    characters you would to see in future installments and how would they be used

    hey everyone doubt if even anyone remembers me...but i decided to post this thread so your thoughts also i 4got to type this in the title what worlds along with the characters woody and buzz along with their toy story world(as partners at best) lightning mcquin(as a summon sora jumps on top of...
  10. bleachmagic

    did america release a commercial for kingdom hearts re chain of memories

    srry i just havnt seen one
  11. bleachmagic

    can riku die in kh2

    i am truly srry if this has been posted before but i need to know can riku in kh2 as a party die?
  12. bleachmagic

    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days So Far

    i've been thinking for kh 358/2 are the org 13 com members in the game and what will the map look like(you know the google map) same for birth by sleep how do they travel
  13. bleachmagic

    bbs enemies...

    actually i have thought about the soul theory for awhile 1st where does it say the soul stays with the body(if its in ansems report srry) 2nd i always thought the nobody was just the body and memories because the soul is basically the source of life for all existing living things and nobodys...
  14. bleachmagic

    Is COM still being made?

    yep its at gamestop it ranges from 20 to 30 bucks and if you still cant find it you can try an emulator
  15. bleachmagic

    the bbs keyblades and bbs enemys

    oh i found these at deviant art i copied them and but them together(keyblades) all of them are done by the same artist same for the enemies
  16. bleachmagic

    the bbs keyblades and bbs enemys

    no for some reason there are no heartless or nobodys at that time
  17. bleachmagic

    the bbs keyblades and bbs enemys

    i am sorry if these have already been posted but i found some very well done renders of the keyblades we have not got a good view of i did not draw these but i can draw this good lol and a render of the new enemys in bbs
  18. bleachmagic

    drive forms in bbs??

    no no no terra and all of them are like ancient keyblade masters and driving is a new power why would they have such a ability besides we have seen what terra can do we dont want to overpower him too much right?
  19. bleachmagic

    is just me?

    i felt srry for the organization 13 members i know they r evil and all but all they wanted were to become whole again but i feel the most bad for roxas yes he becomes whole agin but he still has a consisnous and more than likely never seperate from sora again and diz even commented how he was...
  20. bleachmagic


    does anyone know the max stats for kh2 fm+ on easy? their not the same as kh2(sorry if that is obvious) i know magic is 160 p.s yay i finally beat Terra p.s.s now i have to defeat the mushroom 13(i already beat the org 13 data battles)