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  1. WilliamTheWise

    Help/Support ► Am I a horrible person?

    I don't know you, though it's hard to tell with everyone changing names since I left. But if you're taking the time to reflect on your action and really think if you are a horrible person, chances are you're not one. Horrible people never realize they are and if they do they enjoy it. You don't...
  2. WilliamTheWise

    The explanation of nobodies

    I guess you're right. Not really liking it though. I guess I just liked the order created from nobodies not having hearts as there's a "Matter cannot be created nor destroyed" kind of order to it. All the elements of life were evenly divided among the enemies. Now a heart is magically given to...
  3. WilliamTheWise

    The explanation of nobodies

    What? So what about the Heart/Body/Soul thing, has that just been thrown out the window? So when the original members were turned into heartless their hearts went to their heartless, so where does this nobody heart come from? Is it like a false heart or an imprint of their human heart?
  4. WilliamTheWise

    Recommend me some [insert platform] games.

    This is long over due, but I'm finally going to purchase a PSP to play Birth by Sleep. And with Vita coming out the price of the old original model should be fairly cheap everywhere. Any recommendations for some good, old PSP games I should check out? I don't have a PS3 so this might also be a...
  5. WilliamTheWise

    Disputes between Lea - Even & Ienzo?

    Yeah he's there. And since it seems like soon there will be a big push in the story to find VAT if he sticks with Aqua he might make it out of there.
  6. WilliamTheWise

    Disputes between Lea - Even & Ienzo?

    Well that might be an awkward conversation. "Yeah sorry for killing you back there, but you were a bit of an asshole". I can't see either Even or Ienzo holding a grudge like that. Now that they are human again their normal personalities should return and it was a lifetime ago. And if they have...
  7. WilliamTheWise

    Does sora get his looks from ven?

    Ven's heart did not have an influence on Sora's looks. He would have ended up looking the goofy way he does regardless of Ventus' heart within him. Kid Sora before having his heart connected with Ven's looked as you would expect a younger version of Sora to look. They do look similar, but alot...
  8. WilliamTheWise

    KH: BBS Aqua Hair and Age

    *Points to original post* This is from the BBS Ultimania He was but for a very short amount of time. Only his heart was there during KH1. And then after sealing the door he was only there briefly until COM starts. It just naturally grew in the realm of light. Hmmmm 28ish Aqua. Well that might...
  9. WilliamTheWise

    KH: BBS Aqua Hair and Age

    Exactly "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 25 characters."
  10. WilliamTheWise

    The X-Blade, Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D... Connected?

    Yes, but what I was saying is that being from the realm of light his keyblade would be a light realm keyblade. If he always had that same keyblade then his keyblade is likely a light one.
  11. WilliamTheWise

    The X-Blade, Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D... Connected?

    Well Way to Dawn is a light realm Keyblade and it has the same blue eye like design. And the Darkside Keyblade Mickey found doesn't scream being from the dark realm either. Now to my knowledge the exact origin of Master Xehanort's keyblade is unknown. Since we never saw him wield as a young...
  12. WilliamTheWise

    "Don't ask, Don't tell" Repeal

    Source: CNN Senate votes to end 'don't ask, don't tell' - CNN.com Discuss
  13. WilliamTheWise

    The X-Blade, Kingdom Key and Kingdom Key D... Connected?

    It's a Dark realm keyblade. Meaning it's naturally from that realm This is from the Another Reports Keyblades can be both Light and Dark. Now I could see them pulling something like this later in the series, but right now it's never been said that there is a counter part to every keyblade...
  14. WilliamTheWise

    Sora's heartless form

    *Re-watches on Youtube* Yeah, That was one of the mushy scenes I completely ignored as a kid lol
  15. WilliamTheWise

    Sora's heartless form

    Right, I remember now. There was a cut scene where Sora explains how he was falling into darkness and forgetting his friends but Kairi's voice saved him.
  16. WilliamTheWise

    Sora's heartless form

    Well Xehanort's heartless took the form we fought at the end of KH1 after taking over Riku's body. You see Xehanort's heartless might not really be a heartless at all. When he gave himself to darkness he didn't return as a normal heartless but merely a heart itself. For some reason he retained...
  17. WilliamTheWise

    How far am I in Terra's story?

    Almost done. Things get really exciting soon ;)
  18. WilliamTheWise

    Did anyone else think that Xemnas was the most boring boss in the whole series?

    Not really. There were some pretty epic moments, like slicing a building into pieces with the keyblade and Sora finishing Xemnas. But it was very easy, and I didn't really enjoy fighting Xemnas on his throne when he could blow you away and you'd have to get back on his platform. The fight really...
  19. WilliamTheWise

    Are you really a Nobody?

    If Roxas did have a heart, he could still be a nobody, but a very special one. He was still created when his other lost his heart and was made from his body and soul. But because of Sora's special case (Ven's heart) something else was added to the mixture. Just like Namine he had emotions and...
  20. WilliamTheWise

    Please Add Lingering Sentiment as Boss

    Very nice. Hmm, could this be one of the other unknown people Yen Sid said was with Xehanort in the present?