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  1. UltimaJackpot

    Post Pics of your KH3D 3DS cover installed

    Lokks a lot better than I thought on a Cosmo Black model, too. Didn't know there was a purple 3DS, though.
  2. UltimaJackpot

    Strongest/Best Spirits?

    I consider Ryu Dragon to be one of the most useful Dream Eaters overall. It has a lot of long range fire attacks that cover ground quickly, and are pretty effective against groups of Nightmares, and even stun humanoid bosses a bit, giving Sora/Riku a chance to close in for an attack without fear...
  3. UltimaJackpot

    KH3D Walkthroughs/Let's Play/Livestreams

    Re: People are getting the game early. Yeah, but he had to flip that one cutscene after Sora's final boss. There's some sort of flag that gets activated when you upload that cutscene to youtube that automatically blocks the video world wide. The only way to get around that is to 1) Alter the...
  4. UltimaJackpot

    KH3D Walkthroughs/Let's Play/Livestreams

    Re: People are getting the game early. I hope he knows that he has to flip the video image in an editing program for the scenes in the final world. Youtube automatically blocks it, otherwise.
  5. UltimaJackpot

    Should BBS/BBSFM be ported to the 3DS?

    In theory, the most difficult thing about a BBS port for 3DS would probably be converting it into 3D. KH3D already runs on a ported version of BBS' engine, so I imagine porting BBS' source code wouldn't be difficult at all. With that said, an HD port would probably be cheaper to do, and would...
  6. UltimaJackpot

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    Not sure if this was noted, but the more time you spend fighting dream eaters repeatedly, the higher Hockomonkey's (God that sounds so awkward) HP becomes.
  7. UltimaJackpot

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    But Mega Flare is in the game! :O
  8. UltimaJackpot

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    The little scene with Meow Wow manages to be even more adorable than the one in the JP version of the demo. Hockomonkey's going to take some getting used to, though.
  9. UltimaJackpot

    EU Version of DDD only with English, French and German subtitles.

    Well, this certainly blows for a lot of people. I'm guessing this is less of a budget thing (Days and Re:Coded almost certainly had lower budgets, yet still had the option available) and more of a "We just don't have the time to add Spanish subtitles/text" thing. Still pretty unfortunate...
  10. UltimaJackpot

    KH3D Staff Interviews from Ultimania

    Yeah, that's my one little issue with most of the dream eater boss themes, too. Sekito knocked it out of the damn park with Untamable, though. Such a fantastic track, and works pretty well in the instances it's used.
  11. UltimaJackpot

    KH3D Will Not Be Released Digitally!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts DDD Digital release 3DS purchases are tied to the system alone, so I don't think you could share games that way like you could with PSP. A bit off topic, but since Disney seems to be a bit more lax with digital releases, It'd be great if they make their older games like...
  12. UltimaJackpot

    Balance of Flowmotion Attacks

    I'm not exactly sure how stats work this time around in comparison to BBS, but my playthrough of 3D ended with Sora having the higher strength stat. So I'm not exactly sure if Sora and Riku particularly excel at any particular stat this time around, because there's a ton of other stuff that...
  13. UltimaJackpot

    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    I wonder if they'll tweak boss HP, too. I don't know how I triggered it, but during one boss fight, I dropped and switched to Riku. When I switched back to Sora, not only was the boss at full health again, but it had an entire extra bar of HP that wasn't there before.
  14. UltimaJackpot

    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    Yeah, you can drop during those battles, too.
  15. UltimaJackpot

    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    Not entirely sure, I'll check that right now. Edit: Nope, the patch still retains your health as it was before the drop. Wonder if they'll bother with a second patch to at least bring it up to par with the international version.
  16. UltimaJackpot

    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    After (repeatedly and mercilessly) being screwed by this mechanic in the Japanese version, this is a welcome change. Seems like something they could easily patch into the Japanese release, without the need for a Final Mix, too.
  17. UltimaJackpot

    A question about the demo...

    Nintendo usually makes third parties go through a certification process when they want to put up content on the eShop. Sometimes it's quick (Like, a week or so), sometimes it's a lengthy process that can take up to a month or two if things go really bad. So they're probably about to (or maybe...
  18. UltimaJackpot

    Dream Drop Distance Circle Pad Pro

    With the CPP, the controls are pretty much the same, with some small differences: - Right Slide Pad is used to pan the camera around, obviously. - Locking on is changed from R to ZR. - L and R are used to switch between targets. It honestly doesn't really change the controls too much at all...
  19. UltimaJackpot

    KH3D Gametrailers Interview with Raio Mitsuno!

    Er... pretty sure that honor goes to the GBA release of Chain of Memories. I hope that means they'll fix the abysmal frame rate from the JP release. Meowjesty, Sudo Neku and Ursa Circus were most definitely obtainable in the Japanese release without AR cards. (Kab Kannon, Frootz Cat and R&R Seal...
  20. UltimaJackpot

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced That case is going to look odd on a cosmo black 3DS. :/ It's actually more like "Everywhere but North America"