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  1. ~Gunther~

    Hello again

    Aloha, KHI. For those who don't recognize me (i.e.: 99.9% of you), I'm Gunther. I'm a semi-weeaboo who also has some interest in video games, film, art, psychology, and the occasional comic book. I joined this place a few years ago and was active for some time. Then, I became inactive for a...
  2. ~Gunther~

    Help/Support ► Good Places for Dates

    What kind of places do you have in your area? *shrug* These girls do sound picky. I'd go with bowling if they say no to everything else.
  3. ~Gunther~

    Mr. Badguy

    Old version Newer version Prolly going to change some things up later on. Crit?
  4. ~Gunther~

    Can't find the exit...can't find the exit...

    with cross w/o cross Gimme some crit. How can I improve, what should I change, what I did right, etc.
  5. ~Gunther~

    Protect your baby

    Every good parent should do what they can to protect their infants, that includes protecting them from bullets, riots, bombs, and chemical weapons. Bullet Proof Baby Look at him. His face just screams "BRING IT MOTHERFUCKER!".
  6. ~Gunther~


    There's probably a few small improvements I can make. Any crit? Also, if anyone knows of a good site with gimp tutorials (not including Gimptalk), could you please share them with me? Thankies. ^-^
  7. ~Gunther~

    Xion= Riku's Nobody?

    So Xion is a trap?
  8. ~Gunther~

    (SPOILERS CODED) The Cloaked Unknown Member

  9. ~Gunther~

    (SPOILERS CODED) The Cloaked Unknown Member

    The Unknown is Aladdin, obviously. He was hiding something evil from the very start.
  10. ~Gunther~

    Mikuru beam VS Falcon Punch

    YouTube - Mikuru Beam VS YouTube - Falcon Punch SUCH AN IMPORTANT POLL RIGHT?
  11. ~Gunther~

    Help/Support ► dating consensus

    For me it would be choice A. If you don't have much in common with your lover I'd imagine things would be rather boring. I agree with Yttrxium, though. Dating someone who is exactly like you would get boring.
  12. ~Gunther~

    Help/Support ► my dad hits me

    Did you ever try hitting your dad back?
  13. ~Gunther~

    Help/Support ► It's Awkward for me.

    I'd wait for the DSi. It'll be out in Europe by Spring, and Reggie Fils-Aime said it'll be out in NA Spring, too. You could also import from Japan since it'll be out next month if you're willing to spend a few extra bucks.
  14. ~Gunther~

    Voice acting for Re: CoM

    Hm... Kate Higgins - Larxene Johnny Yong Bosch - Zexion Jamieson Price - Lexaeus Steve Blum - Marluxia Liam O'Brien - Vexen Or something like that. As long as the voices fit the characters, I'm good. :B
  15. ~Gunther~

    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    Xaldin was a tough cookie. The later Org. Bosses were kinda tough, but Xaldin was probably the toughest boss in the game. 2nd toughest for me would probably be Luxord. Darn Time Limit. DX
  16. ~Gunther~

    Is Cloud?

    Yeah. Dunno why he wouldn't be.
  17. ~Gunther~

    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I saw the commercial when it first came out. I thought it looked stupid/kiddy, yet oddly cool at the same time. A few years later my friend told me about it, and I bought it.
  18. ~Gunther~


    Haihai. Dunno if any of you remember me or have seen me on other forums, but I am Gunther. I joined here maybe a little over a year ago, and wasn't very active. :F My friend recently joined this forum, and I remembered my username, and yesh. Here I am. Aboot me: -I like art (drawing, sig...
  19. ~Gunther~

    Playing KH CoM on the DS

    The game looks WAY better and more clear on the DS Lite. It takes a bit to get used to the different way of controlling (and the Lite's screwed up D-pad) but yeah...the game is fun on the DS...