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    Was anybody else disappointed?

    Ok I saw the BBS trailer and I so cannot wait for it and I squealed when I saw Even, Dilan, and Eleaus but I couldn't help but be disappointed that they looked like their Nobody counterparts. I just thought they would look different like how Sora and Roxas look different.
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    What happened to vol.3?

    Hey does anybody know what happened to Kingdom Hearts 2 vol.3 of the manga? It was supposed to come out in January but I haven't seen it yet. And Amazon does not have it on their site.
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    My biggest WTF moment was when Xaldin appeared the second time in Beast's Castle (when it the Beast and Belle's "special" night. Sorry very perverted there) and Belle didn't kick Xaldin's ass for ruining the night. I was like "What?! Come on Belle, just take those heels and kick him!" And I...
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    What is its name?

    Cool. I always called it the Castle That Never Was. Thanks everybody.
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    What is its name?

    What is the name of the castle in KH2? It's not Castle Oblivion. That was the castle in CoM. I'm talking about the castle in The World That Never Was. Sorry I'm just tired of people saying that Xemnas is the lord of Castle Oblivion when he is not. That was Marluxia. So does anybody know the name...
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    Does anyone know where I can find this cllip?

    I have been going crazy trying to find this clip and I can't find it. Its the clip where Axel is talking to Sora about the Org's plan, where he spells out Xemnas' name. I would love to find it in Japanese and thats what I've been trying to find. I was hoping that KH.Vids would put it up but...
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    What did he mean?

    Oh ok. I just wanted to know. Thanks.
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    What did he mean?

    I've been going back and watching the cutscenes from re:com and on floor twelve after Axel tells Namine to go he laughs then clutches his chest and says "This is fun." Looks up "You guys really are the best?" What did he mean by that? Probably stupid question but I want to know.
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    I got one

    Ok I finally bought a copy of KH2:FM+ but I need the swap magic thing. Is that all I need? And I have a Slim ps2. I looked around to see where to get one but they said something about "magic keys" what is that and do I need them?
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    Nobodies hearts

    Ok this is just a question that has plagued me for a while and since I'm too lazy to see if somebody else has brought this up, I'll just ask. Do the Nobodies really lack a heart? I mean did the physically give up their heart or is just symbolic that they gave in to the darkness? Like they still...
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    Why is Axel so thin?

    Hi! this is just a stupid thought I had last night while I was tired and getting ready for bed. But why is Axel so thin? I think he is related to Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing. They both have gravity-defying hair. Trowa's goes in front of his eye and Axel's goes behind his head and down. Both of...