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  1. 493pokemon1

    future vid on the website

    Re: multiplayer vid on the website now im pissed. I expected multiplayer gameplay vid...
  2. 493pokemon1

    Wouldn't it be a B****!

    I swear they are connected to Sora one way or the other Heart Seams.
  3. 493pokemon1

    BBS may have been KH III

    First was good then big no on 2 and 3. Fixd BBS is a side story and should be considered KH 0. Now sidestory (at least for me) in KH means stuff we dont need to know but just stick it in there for cash. excluding CoM and Coded which bridge for the next main game. Yes this probably includes kh:3d
  4. 493pokemon1

    A question on MK vs DC

    how do I do my heroic fatalities on PS3 cause my D pad just wont accept it at least it doesnt allow me to do my heroic brutalities
  5. 493pokemon1

    Help/Support ► For all multi-lingual people, help!

    3 weeks more or less to learn english, though I tend to only speak it to people who know it. I learned in school 2
  6. 493pokemon1

    General BbS Question

    Yes the UMD sustains 2 gigs and Ps2 discs around 6 but do this math Days during its cutscenes had PS2 graphics and the PSP has naturally better grapphics than that. So if Ds does PS2 graphics and PSP does better than DS then PSP can do better than PS2 If they didnt stop making games for the...
  7. 493pokemon1

    Too much KH2 hate?

    THe bad story element that I believe Nomura did not notice Plain and simple after hearing from Riku that Roxas would surely be eliminated if he got close to KH she changed her(his) mind, knowing that now all that was needed to wake up Sora was Roxas.
  8. 493pokemon1

    Zexion's Death Scene Questions

    Saix just wanted everyone at th cstle obliterated except Axel just to move up the ranks. Because of this he is Xemnas' right hand man when he dies. RHM meaning 2nd in the entry order. I am not sure why though, but he wanted XXVLZ eliminated but because only 3 were in CO he sent Axel to at least...
  9. 493pokemon1

    Zexion's Death Scene Questions

    What spoiler? THe thig that says Xehanort did that to Ven? THat has been known for over 3 years now >.>
  10. 493pokemon1

    Help/Support ► Push me

    Just remember sting like a butterfly and glide like a bee. Oh wait thats not it.
  11. 493pokemon1

    Help/Support ► I have a question about 13 colonies.

    What exactly did the american colonies import from Britain. I need to make a poster to boycott British goods but I don't know what was imported.
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    1. I liked that. Because of how she looked it gave me a feeling of proof that Roxas can beat Sora. 2. The ones with the jars? I always got the correct ones so I liked them. 3. Obviously you were going to play only as Roxas since it is supposed to be Roxas' life in the organization. 4. Only...
  13. 493pokemon1

    Help/Support ► Dissection.

    And that used to be alive just like all of us and didnt deserve to die ... Im not helping am I. ok.ok... how about knowing curiosity killed it? No? s1angrypple
  14. 493pokemon1

    Help/Support ► Dissection.

    Skinned cats look like skinned bunnies. THink about it that way...
  15. 493pokemon1

    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: BBS DATED FOR NA By story obviously. But it was mostly based on the Multiplayer.
  16. 493pokemon1

    Am I the only one that though the the first had a terrible storyline?

    Obviously you are going to not like the storyplot after you played itand probably know the lines. Anyway, it isnt any real reson you should like it anyway, for the fact that the game is made for younger people. Yes it gets cliche, for the fact thta this game was more disney, but unlike in KHII...
  17. 493pokemon1

    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: BBS DATED FOR NA THat is them comparing BBS characters to Star Wars. Terra = Anakin MX = Senator Palpatine Aqua= Obiwan Eraques = Yoda Vanitas=Darth maul Ventus= Ahsoka
  18. 493pokemon1

    An unknown movie??

    But was moved to somewhere else, wasn't it? And no there is no secret scenes in BBS.
  19. 493pokemon1

    what's up with that?!

    Actually anyone that met Sora and intertwined their hearts and or destinies with him and someone related to Kairi (aka Namine for Axel) saw her as the black haired girl. But Xemnas saw her as Sora after meeting him... you know the Enigmatic Man from KHIFM